Friday, January 29, 2016

Oh Dear – Mark Levin Credibility Melts Like Glenn Beck Tears – Levin Family is Staffer for Senator Cruz…

There’s something initially angering that becomes very sad when a fraud is revealed.  Tonight on his radio show Mark Levin was forced to admit the son of his fiance’ is a full time staffer for Senator Ted Cruz.
cruz circling drain
After spending weeks attacking anyone who critiques candidate Ted Cruz, the motives of Mark Levin now take full sunlight.   He should be ashamed, VERY ashamed.
No, Mr. crony-constitutionalist, lying by omission is not the least bit funny.  Nor is deception toward your audience when you do not disclose your own conflicts.   Especially when we consider the hours Levin spends railing against the internecine family associations like George Will and his wife working for Scott Walker.
Crony politics is apparently alive and well amid the Mark Levin radio show. Perhaps he will tell the audience how much advertising money he takes from political campaigns?  Or more specifically entities with a vested interest in political campaigns?
Think he’ll fess up now that he’s busted?
Nah, me neither.
He’s got another book to sell…
Wow. Just Wow.
The campaign of Donald Trump continues to expose the “Decepticons”.
trump lion

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