Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ted Cruz Isn't a 'Natural Born' Citizen

According to the Constitution, because Sen. Ted Cruz was not born in the United States, he is not eligible to run for president.

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks during a campaign stop Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016, in Hollis, N.H.
Cruz owes his American citizenship to legislation, not virtue of birth.
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As expected, the question of whether Sen. Ted Cruz is eligible to hold the office of the president based on his Canadian birth is now front-and-center thanks to Cruz's GOP presidential nominee rival Donald Trump. Constitutional scholars are dusting off their crystal balls as they are asked to discern what the Founding Fathers really meant by "natural born" citizen. Let me join the chorus of opinions by saying that based on the original framework of the Constitution and the 14th Amendment, Sen. Ted Cruz does not appear to be constitutionally eligible to hold the office of the president.

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