Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Obama’s “Silence” Speaks Volumes

Presidential Eligibility Requirements


by Robert Quinn, ©2016
(Mar. 1, 2016) — In eight years I have written approximately forty letters denouncing Barack Obama’s illegitimate takeover of the Office of President of the United States. Copies of each letter were sent to most everyone mentioned within the letters and to all on my e-mail list. Initially, I expected to find Obama eligible, but, to my surprise, from day one, evidence surfaced showing he used deception, lying, limited fraudulent documents, and even silence to hide his ineligibility from the eyes of America. By his efforts he displayed his true colors, which, to no surprise, did not include red, white, or blue!
In previous letters, I mentioned how Obama claimed to have been born in Kapiolani Medical Center in Hawaii, yet, not one hospital, including Kapiolani  will, to this day, confirm his claim. Even former Hawaii, Governor Neil Abercrombie, who personally went to that hospital to obtain proof of Obama’s birth, returned empty-handed and publicly admitted that his trip was fruitless. Please reflect on the above two sentences, for the words were not born of Republicans nor racists. They were pure and simple statements of fact. If anyone other than Obama had attempted to justify a personal eligibility withoutvalid evidence to confirm it, he would have been laughed out of every courtroom. Obama, however, had the last laugh, for he still had “lying” and “cheating” in his bag of betrayal, and he used them well.

Obama’s “Silence” Speaks Volumes

The following example will illustrate how accurately the above paragraph heading identifies one of the most subtle means of defense Obama employs when his ineligibility is challenged. It’s called “Silence.” By ignoring questioners he keeps his deception secret, thereby forcing citizens to suffer for simply seeking the truth.
Consider Army Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin, who had given 18 years of faithful service to our Country as a medical doctor and was a leading flight surgeon and a Bronze Star recipient. As he began to hear of Obama’s possible ineligibility, he went through military channels and got nowhere. He then wrote directly to Obama, who ignored his letter. After writing a follow-up letter to Obama, it, too, was ignored. Having already served one tour in Afghanistan, Col. Lakin simply wanted the growing nationwide doubts of Obama’s eligibility put to rest before going on a second Afghanistan tour of duty under a possible ineligible Commander-in Chief.

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