Saturday, March 12, 2016

All Revolutions are Violently Opposed by the Would-Be Masters


by Sher Zieve, ©2016
(Mar. 12, 2016) — Any questions that the Trump candidacy and run for President of the United States isn’t a true revolution were dashed by last night’s near-riot in Chicago from the American Left-wing.  However, this left wing also includes the GOP “establishment” which—for years—was called the “Rockefeller Wing of the Republican Party”…the group which was joined at the hip with the Democrats and would come to be known as part and parcel to the New World Order.
The establishment—both Democrat and Republican–is now coming out of the shadows.  This includes all 3 of the other GOP candidates. Cruz and Rubio are blaming Trump–of course–and Rubio when asked said that he didn’t know if he would now support Trump as the GOP candidate if Trump wins the primaries.  Note…both Rubio and Cruz have direct ties to Goldman-Sachs (the so-called “Bank of the World”).  Trump is now being blamed for the violence perpetrated by those who want to shut him up.

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