Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday revealed two important facts: Fact 1: Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential Nominee. Fact 2: Wherever Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz goes with their elite crooks, massive vote fraud takes place.

Chris Christie to Prosecute Cruz and Rubio Vote Fraud


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Super Tuesday revealed two important facts:

Fact 1: Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential Nominee.

Fact 2: Wherever Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz goes with their elite crooks, massive vote fraud takes place.

Donald Trump was victorious in every Super Tuesday state, but where the liberal wing of the GOP was operating, as in Texas, Minnesota and Alaska, e vote flipping took place to throw the elections.
In Oklahoma, there was the matter of suppressing Trump voters in Independents, and in Virginia it was a matter of there was not enough fictional voting for that 15% flip to overtake Donald Trump.

I have three confirmed accounts in Texas in Devvy Kidd, Joel Scoursen and TL, all stating something was extremely off in the Texas fraud. Donald Trump was in the high 30's in polling and somehow only found 28% of the votes in his basket.
I know from TL's monitoring, TL mentioned at one point that Cruz's votes jumped 1000 as they did in Oklahoma, and no one else got a vote. That is what the e vote softward does and I have explained this, in it is built on games or gambling percentages for the house skimming 10 to 15% of the vote. It is how that she cow in North Dakota, Heidi Heidkamp stole the election in  the Obama vote flip, and is how vote suppression has taken place in all of the Obama vote thefts.

That is what took place in Texas which was over the top blatant and it all matters, because we have now confirmed cases that anytime any of the Cruz or Rubio Ugly Immigrants get anywhere near the top, it is vote fraud.
Donald Trump is polling nationally across the board at almost 50% of the vote while Cruz and Rubio are around 18%. There is not any way in hell that those two Ugly Immigrants win anything, except by stealing it.

I commend Donald Trump for sending the signal by having Chris Christie by his side on Super Tuesday. You could see the smiling Christie who is usually relaxed was very intense. He knew that the elites has stolen elections and votes, and this means that as Attorney General, he is going to be unleashed on these criminals for full prosecution.

Free and Fair elections are the base of Government in America, after land ownership. When anyone cheats at elections it destroys the people's trust in those elections, and for that I would like Chris Christie to appoint me as Popular Hang Girl for the American Republic, and I would relish the honor of tying the knot in many a rope, weighing out Lindsey Graham in the balance, measuring the rope length to finish the calculation so I would not pop his head off or bust his guts out like Judas, and then pulling the lever to send them to the White Throne Judgment.

This IS TREASON what has taken place in America for far too long, and every one of these traitors who have tampered with the American vote, should be indicted,  tried and when found guilty hung by the neck until dead.
Put the knot behind the left ear, the dead drop snaps the hangman's vertabrae and the spine, the feet kick and quiver as the corpse turns one quarter to the right, for the mortician to take them down.

In other matters, it appears all of you people who were so delusional about Taco Ted and Beaner Marco, have put your trust in the wrong basket, as Ted's and Marco's masters have lost faith in the tan skins, and thus now enters Mexican born, white Spaniard, Mormon Romney.
Yes, yes, Romney is the Mexican who could not beat Panama John McCain or the lovely Indonesian Barry Soetoro, but Mormon Romney is now top tier ......with like 1/5 of the delegates already gone.....including his squatter state of Massachusetts, to be the great savior of the elite........which from David Brooks to Marco Rubio were chanting in mantra on Super Tuesday that they were going to destroy the Republican Party.

I am beginning to wonder if the elite in the GOP actually have any Americans......well there was Lindsey Graham, but he is gay.....Jeb Bush, but his dick has the scent of chilli on it from Columba.......I mean what is up with this in all the GOP elite can find to run are Latin Americans.

In any case, it looks like Mormon Romney is going to announce his entry into the race Donald Trump has already won.

Mitt Romney is about to address the GOPpresidential race ...

Mitt Romney is about to address the GOP presidential race in a ... saying Romney was one of the "dumbest and worst" Republican candidates to ever run for ...

This all sounds about right in these establishment candidates in Mitt Romney was one of the dumbest and worst candidates, Jeb Bush was the dumbest and worst candidate ever, Marco Rubio is the slimiest candidate ever and Jed Cruz is the most pathological liar in the GOP ever.

Just looking at the above, if you put Mitt, Jeb, Marco and Ted together, you get Hillary Clinton.

I honestly look forward to Mormon Romney entering this race. This will give the Cruz and Rubio voters something to hate more than Donald Trump as Romney is the one their bosses chose as the Cubans were not up to it......and when Romney comes in behind John Kasich, it will be amusing to watch the Mexican Mormon who couldn't.

One thing is certain, Mitt Romney does not belong on ANY GOP debate stage, until he has been certified to be in any election. Romney does not get to announce, and the crash the GOP debate stage. I do believe that the Cruz, Rubio and Kasich voters can agree with me on that.

So come on Mitt, play that race card. Show them all, that the GOP elite finds a white Spaniard to do the job that the tan Cubans keep failing at...........even with cheating Rubio and Marco can still not get the job done.

Nuff Said.


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