Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Freedom Isn't Free- Please if You Can Send Her Some Money

Stefan (Major Stefan F. Cook)
I have forwarded the 3 page document to you with my typed signature and followed with a scanned signature. Please check, if they would accept a credit card payment for $450 filing fee.
I recently paid $450 for your appeal in GA, twice $450 for Connie's filing in TX and GA, yesterday I had to issue two cashiers checks for $461 and for $400 for 2 transcripts for 2 hearings (Carter and Land). The foundation account is pretty much empty. Though millions of people are writing "we are behind you and we are praying for you", only 106 supporters ever donated, and majority of them donate $10 and $20 . Very few people ever gave donations over $100. On top of everything Judge Land is threatening me with $10,000 sanctions for repeatedly bringing cases on part of the military against his Royal Highness, comrade dictator.
If Mr. Tisdale or any of the people associated with him can cover any part of the fee, it would be appreciated. Please, let me know how much can be covered, I will transfer the rest through credit card or direct deposit.

Orly Taitz DDS Esq

Orly's working Pro Bono or with our donations. Please help America out, by helping Orly if you can.

Please Mail Your Donations To:

Defend Our Freedoms Foundation – 29839 Santa Margarita Pkwy, ste 100, Rancho Santa Margarita CA, 92688


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  1. I attempted to access the and my browser gave me the warning "Reported Attack Site." I then Googled Orly's name and her listing on Google stated: "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!"

    I wanted to make others aware of the fact that this may be a tactic to deter people from Orly's site, or perhaps there is a real malware threat. However, Google has made this type of "error" many times in the past.

    Sorry to say, this will action by Google is definitely going to stop people from accessing Orly's site to donate.


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