Sunday, January 31, 2010

A letter from a U.S. Marine...

I know how frustrating it must be for Dr. Taitz to continue this process. And, I am sure that I am only one of millions and millions of Americans that are hoping and prying that this case continues forward.

To many of us, just the thought that there is an imposter, and a socialistic one at that, ’squatting’ in our White House is sickening. I am certain that I am far from alone when I state that proving obama’s Constitutional qualifications to serve as president is of utmost importance.

You and I, as former Marines, had to prove our legal status when we enlisted in our beloved Marine Corps. Is it too much to ask this (imitation) ‘commander in chief to do the same? He is admitting his guilt simply by his continuing failure to provide those he serves with his legitimate qualifications. There is no other possible reason that he will not provide, happily, the required documentation. He is a total fake, and this situation MUST be cleared up.

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