Sunday, January 31, 2010

Should a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate the alleged media blackout on Obama's ineligibility?


If Beck's ratings are going up, it is from other Libtardarians or far left wingers, because REAL conservatives have abandoned his show in droves due to him aiding Obama and Soros sweep the eligibility issue under the rug. I hate to break the news to you all, but Beck is not a conservative.

Beck is an obstacle to my goal, a Special Prosecutor to investigate Obama aka Barry Soetoro's ineligibility status. Therefore; he is now fair game. I am coordinating a movement to demand that Beck, Bill O', Katie Couric, Williams and Matthews just to name a few to testify under oath regarding any links to a conspiracy to feed disinformation and lies to the American people about Obama's eligibility.

Why am I targeting the media? It is their lies that allowed Obama to skate attention prior to the election on his eligibility issue and they are also aiding in the cover up after the fact. There are multiple felonies alleged against Obama and this is much bigger than Watergate ever was. Phil Berg stated that Nixon resigned due to the scandal of Watergate, because it was on the news 24/7. That is what we are lacking here. Once this topic is in the news 24/7, Obam will be forced to resign.

I suspect that they are aiding in the greatest fraud against the American people and the biggest threat to national security in our history. I also think that they should be thrown into jail if it is proven that they aided in this fraud. It is alleged that this president has ties to foreign countries such as Indonesia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Beck cries on the constitution as he attacks people calling for an investigation into the greatest violation against the constitution. Beck is no patriot you fools, wake up, he is a TRAITOR. He has also claimed that this is a left wing conspiracy? Beck knows damn well that I WAS the one that created Operation Flood It and that punk is a flaming libtard compared to me.

The other day I orchestrated another Operation Flood it against Judge Napolitano's radio show. The woman answered and she asked me what my name was and my location. She than asked what I would like to say. I was going to be on, UNTIL I said. "I wanted to ask the judge about the Chrysler lawsuit where they are challenging Obama's eligibility to be president. The woman said "Oh, we do not talk about that." Then she realized what she said and then she said, "That is not the topic we are discussing right now."

I answered her back by saying, "I know that you never discuss this and that is why I am bringing it up." She said "SORRY" and hung up in my face.

Beck and Napolitano are the biggest frauds of them all, because they whine about the constitution all the time, but they ignore this issue? They are puppets for the Saudi's, wake up you idiots.......

Eric Holder appointed a Special Prosecutor to investigate what? THE CIA. Holder, is the enemy within as well....

This is just one of the letters that I have gotten from furious former fans of the giggling libtardarian, Beck.

And most critical, Glenn Beck has sent out e-letters to everyone making fun of the "birthers" as he calls it. A left wing radical name thrown to anyone who questions Obama's probable illegal status. Behind the scenes Beck and O' Reilly are covering for the liar and thief and have become "appeasers" for their fans.

If you take sincere patriots down one path while the socialist are
coming in the back door to take over America then it is all being done in the dark of night while we sleep. Van Jones and Anita Dunn are still under Obama, they just moved over to a different position. I used to like Glenn Beck and O' Reilly but they are blocking the truth from coming out on Obama.

The controlling interest in Fox News is owned by a Saudi Prince named Alwaheed
bin-Tatal, and the largest contributor to Obama's '08Presidential campaign is a radical Muslim named Dr. Khalidel-Mansour!!! So we have a Muslim controlled media, an illegal Muslim in the highest office in America. THIS IS THE STORY AMERICA!!! WAKE UP!!! While Beck is giddy about his book tour with O' Reilly we are in serious danger and sooner than you think.

If Beck can continue to appease the masses then he is not really helping us out. He has hinted over and over again he is just an entertainer. More bad news for all of us true patriots, George Soros has posted on his website that he commends Glenn Beck for attacking the birthers!!! Good old Communist/Socialist Soros!!! Still like Beck? Not much more I can say.

This is all documented and true. Do not let your guard down with Beck or O' Reilly!!! Complete TV media blackout on the subject. Beck mentioned it briefly the other day because he is under fire from tea party delegates who have noticed his silence, but he did not use the words "natural born citizen" which is what is in the hundreds of lawsuits against Obama. Every time Beck
walks to his blackboard or starts whining about our Constitution , he has become silly yet this issue is "the" issue before all Americans. An illegal muslim in the White House and he will not pursue it. Beck, O' Reilly and the rest of the Fox crew's pockets are lined with Saudi Arabian Gold and "We the People" need to think for ourselves and turn off our TV's to all Muslim
controlled media. Rupert Murdoch works for them!!!! This is a lot to absorb but you have been betrayed!!!


  1. We should all have recognized Beck as an enemy of the state ages ago. I for one have not listened to him since the election of 08.

    I think it is time we prohibit ownership of our media, any part of it, by any foreign organization, or individual. A free and unfettered press is essential to the country.

  2. AG Holder is the person that appoints Special Prosecutors... I'm all for a sp but can we trust an AG Holder appointment???


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