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What happened?...well it's quite obvious...

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Damon Dunn 1,063,976
Orly Taitz 368,316
What happened?
Thanks for asking Den,
The Republican Party is JUST AS CORRUPT as is the Democrat Party! This PRIMARY election offers conclusive proof. Nearly EVERY one who won in the Republican Party is RINO -- those who do not follow "the establishment" get vilified if, and when. they achieve any degree of success -- as did Dr. Rand Paul, in Kentucky -- OR totally ignored and ostracized as Dr. Orly Taitz, in California who won VERY STRONG support from the smaller, Tea Party type groups and regional parochial Republican groups.
iN THE DAMON DUNN race, the party's corruption is vividly clear! The man WAS a life-long REGISTERED DEMOCRAT -- in Texas and more recently in Florida. He only registered Republican IN CALIFORNIA, reportedly 11 months before the required deadline which requires a 12 month's party registration in order to be eligible for an office. The Republican Party ignored their OWN rules! (So, what's new about THAT?) AND they ignored the FACT that he ONLY Registered as a Republican -- changed his party affiliation TO INFLUENCE THE NOVEMBER GENERAL ELECTIONS as a puppet of the Democrat Party and its socialists controllers.
Until LAST YEAR -- 2009, Dunn had never cast a ballot! He's reportedly being funded by George Soros -- the principal backer of Obama. It's reported that Soros is putting puppets in EVERY state as candidates for the Secretary of (each) State in order to be able to control future elections. When asked who his political hero was, Damon Dunn replied, "Barack Obama"!
EVERY registered Republican in California received a voter's guide from the California Republican Taxpayers Association -- an OBVIOUSLY Left Leaning organization. Twenty one candidates for the various statewide offices had their names an a few words on the slick, heavy paper, mailer. Seven of them -- NOT including Dunn, contributed to the cost of the mailer. The remainder, including Dunn, did NOT. The ONLY celebrity status Dunn has had was that of being a professional football player though his personal history is impressive -- from poverty to the University and jobs in "community service" as did Obama.
The parallel with Obama is even more ironic. JUST LIKE Obama, Dunn tried to erase his personal history -- an appeal to the Florid Register of Voters (Secy. of State?) to request that they expunge his record as being a REGISTERED Democrat. The letter he received saying his request was denied is NOW PUBLIC RECORD -- yet, in spite of this blatant effort to expunge the truth, the REPUBLICAN PARTY endorsed him -- deceivers all.
"Positive social change will NEVER come about through the political process." ... and, in America, that axiom can not be challenged successfully. ONLY through education can the masses have their world view ... their frame of reference, changed. To do so successfully requires TWO generations -- 40 years. Moses KNEW this when he led the Jewish slaves out of Egypt. He had to keep them "in the desert" (of all negative ideas that they held about themselves as slaves -- the "slave mentality"), in order for them to grasp the meaningfulness of what it MEANS to be FREE, Almost, not all, ALL and MOST people younger than I -- who were born sometime after the end of WW-2, do NOT know FREEDOM ... have its sense and substance inbread into their mentality. Begun in the early years of the 20th century, the regulatory process of government -- at all levels, exploded in the post WW-2 years. Can YOU name me ONE aspect, or area, of YOUR life that has NOT been influenced by government control?
We call ourselves "free men" (and women) but I can not think of anything in my life that does not, somehow, show the taint of government regulation -- and that includes the church you may attend. (Look about you -- see the obnoxious "EXIT" signs? Without a bureaucrat's approval, the meeting room would not be APPROVED BY THE STATE. IF you take a look at most meeting halls, restaurants, etc., -- wherever the public congregates; there will be an 'occupancy limit sign'.
America continues to elect people who want to regulate YOUR life and you, like good little sheep, follow the tinkle bell of the leader of your pack.
AS LONG as voters continue doing what they are doing (voting party preferences) they will continue giving us what we've got. The Republicrats -- or, if you prefer, the Demopublicans, are in a symbiotic relationship. They have through "bi-partisanship" legislated laws that make it virtually impossible for them to be challenged by third party rivals! It's almost impossible for third parties to get large enough to qualify for placement on the ballots! Then, they must get a nearly impossible number of voters out in order to STAY qualified. Thus, we get the same two dancers to watch ... changing the steps occasionally, but the SAME goals for both -- POWER of the office, (they take turns doing the "lead" in the dance.)
It is MY intention that this be an educational letter in response to your question. It is not to elevate ONE party over the other but to illustrate the fact that WHERE WE, as a NATION ARE TODAY, IS THE DIRECT RESULT OF the symbiosis of the two party system that ONLY guarantees success of the POWERFUL "ILLUMINATI" who
are those who effectively control the destiny of the illiterate OR ignorant masses.
Please, make a pledge to yourself to remove yourself from the ignorant class that keep expecting to find a pony under the pile of shit that is our politician class.
Thanks for your question. I've enjoyed responding.
Praying for freedom and willing to w-o-r-k for it, I am,
Your friend, John

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