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Why Romney Lost

Mitt Romney CPAC 2011 SC Why Romney Lost
Dick Morris,Michael Barone,and Karl Rove all got it wrong. They thought Romney would win. Let us tell you why we never thought Obama would lose.
Republicans are too nice. In contrast,spending hundreds of millions of dollars,Obama set out to destroy the character of Mitt Romney. While telling stories about how Romney killed people and shipped their jobs abroad,Obama’s team never once could find a trait they liked about Mitt Romney. The Republicans never reciprocated. We nearly choked when we heard speakers at the GOP convention talking about Barack Obama’s good qualities as a father and man.
The leadership of the Republican Party is living in an alternate reality. Barack Obama isn’t a good man. He is evil and corrupt. Romney didn’t have the guts to say it. He didn’t want to talk about Obama’s associations with communists and socialists. He didn’t want to talk about Obama’s associations with Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood. Romney never wanted to talk about Obama’s sketchy past,his fictional birth story,and his possible ineligibility to serve as president. Romney didn’t want to talk about Obama’s receipt of corrupt and foreign election funds.
Yes,the economy is bad,but there needed to be more. What about Obama’s support for infanticide? What about his support for death panels? Whoops,Romney couldn’t talk about them because he has been all over the map on these issues. First,Romney was against abortion,and then he was for it,only to be against it again when it was politically expedient. Romney had the same problem on Obamacare. Romneycare passed with his support in Massachusetts,and it is a close cousin to the corrupt healthcare program of Obama.
But let’s put Romney aside;there are significant problems inside the Republican Party that handicap any candidate.
The overly zealous foreign policy of the neoconservative movement is hurting the Republican brand. Americans were worried Romney might get us in another Mideast war. Americans are tired of spilling blood in Islamistan. As a result,Obama scored better than Romney on the question of dealing with a foreign crisis.
This doesn’t mean that we support a pre-1940 style of isolationism;but Americans want our troops to come home after a decade of fighting,and they believe Obama will bring them home.
Americans are not pacifists,but they are realists in the mold of Ronald Reagan. Reagan kept the peace through strength,but he also reached out to his enemies with constructive proposals. The modern Republican establishment is too bellicose,and Romney adopted their militant ways,lock stock and barrel.
We cannot fashion the world in our own image. And we especially cannot do it if our only persuasive tool is advanced weapons falling on others heads.
Next,the Republican Party has truly become corporatist. The next Republican to win the presidency must be a populist. He or she needs to know Americans distrust big banks as much as they distrust big government. A Wall Street-allied financial engineer like Romney was not the best candidate when the last big scandal to rock the nation was in banking. To be the party of America,the GOP must stop coddling big business. Free trade is important,but it isn’t so perfect as to be worshiped. Transnational corporations that care less about America than profits must be reined in.
Finally,what Rove and the GOP establishment did to conservative candidate Todd Akin will not be soon forgotten. The establishment elite of the GOP must stop the war against conservative and Christian candidates lower down the ticket. Christians are the heart of the GOP,and we are not amused.
America’s and the GOP’s real solution to problems will only come when we rediscover God as the Creator and Finisher of our nation and our world.
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  2. get over it loser,obama won cause people believe him and know he is american

  3. oh poor romney , what a jerk you romney folks are! Your all crazy and stupid! Romney never stood for anything more than a week . and telling women what they can do with their bodies done it for him with women , you may not like it but women are equal to men. Look at last nights results in the Senate women stuck it to you republicans , be an American and shut up and help instead of whinning !

  4. Sour Grapes , It never helps for people running for office, saying RAPE is God's will for the victim..(your Wife, Daughter, Sister )..The pure Ann Rand Misogenic rants, The lack of transparency over The Tax records.. Then the GOP, picks a Corp.Raider for Prez. Right after the Wall Street's "Too Big to Fail "
    Just Desserts

  5. Same old shit....Republicans are nice... yep lead us into wars under false pretenses, spend relentlessly and blame it on the Dems, go further and further into debt by giving tax cuts that aren't paid for, Reagan and Bush growing government more than almost everyone before them. Keep with your socialist, birther, Muslim attacks on Obama because they haven't been found true.

  6. You're right about one thing: Republicans are living in an alternate reality. I didn't hear Democrats say Romney killed people. I heard them say he sent jobs overseas.. and that's true. It's a matter of record how Bain turned one company after another into a selfish garage sale, kicked American workers to the curb like roadkill, collected millions on the way out the back door and then hid the millions in the Caymans and other offshore places. He was doing so at Sensata in Illinois as the campaign took place. Then he lied about Jeep sending jobs to China because of Obama. The auto makers themselves corrected Romney... and then Romney kept saying it. Are you THAT uptight about gays and blacks that that's the kind of leadrship you want? Romney wants to revert back to the banking deregulation that caused the problem. What sense does that make? Obama was right on top of Sandy while Bush had his thumb up his ass for over a week after Katrina. Obama killed BinLaden (and 18 others of the top 30 AlKeida leaders)in 4 years... Bush couldn't seem to handle that in 8 years. But none of that matters to you on the grounds that a spook in the sky hates gays and blacks and abortion. Obama won because logic and reason prevailed.

  7. can you say ACORN and Voter fruad

  8. These comments are laughable. I thought it was a joke. You can take your right wing hatred and views to another country. How pathetic.

  9. I feel sorry for whatever silly little nothing who wrote this article.
    ...... nothing else to say.... you have lots to learn about people. And politics.

  10. The Republican's will have to face the fact that they will need a "mixed race" candidate to be able to compete.

  11. Every voter wants to know how any political party can benefit them: what do I get for my vote? The candidate that can best articulate those benefits with guarantees will win.

    Your statement of the GOP being in bed with Big Business and Banks is a turn off to the average person is very true. Why does the GOP continue to distance itself from the majority voter? Religion, freedom and gun rights issues are not enough to always overcome the stigma of "big business." With inceases in minority populaton the ability to win national elections becomes even more difficult.

    Winning comes down to what was previously stated, the GOP must have a set of benefits for all voters including the minority voter: what in it for me.

  12. states house and senate vote to suceed from the union thus will stop obama

  13. It's the nature of many Republicans to be "too nice". Well, the Democrats got their "revenge" and America loses. Times are different and I guess all the "too nice" Republicans learned a very hard lesson. Sad situation.

  14. The reason why Republicans lost agaom os becase they continue to underestimate this President. Because he is black, he is of course is not good enough or smart enough to do his job. You all have done everything to slime and hurt this President and yet he still stands as the President. I would imagine that God got Obama's back moreso than a lot of people on the right who claim to know the truth and say that the "...rediscover God as the Creator and Finisher..." Anyway, Mormonism is a cult and not the true way to God anyway. Based on this fact along, I again say that the God that the President believes in is stronger than the god that Mormons say they believe in and everyone else who potentially voted for Romney.

  15. he lost because he is not as good of a liar as obama is obama is a professional and certified liar

  16. Write in Ron Paul, his supporters Military and college students (ie..Y.A.L.), Gary Johnson, and Virgil Goode. Virgil taking away 1% in Virgina, where Cowardice, draft dodging Mitt, was needing to win.

    Is that a good start?? Not to mention Boehner and McConnel stating that their only goal was to "make Pres. Obama a one term president" (even if they had to lie, rigg elections, step on their own parties middle class and poor to do it)...
    Well GOP/ PNAC putting Lobbyist Agenda first before the Constitution and people. Karma is a bee aa cchh.

  17. The only true reason for this loss and you as a Christian must agree is that it was Gods will.
    Praise our lord and his wisdom.
    A truly real Chistian.

  18. my main issue with both Presidential candidates was the excess campaign spending to run for this office with little If any concern about what the voters would do...and the fact of the looming fiscal cliff ahead and the electorial college that actually pics the president instead of main voters right to pick the president or any other office..... just my opinion....

  19. You are entirely correct, however there is one or two items we must address. 1. If you looked at the audience behind Mr Romney, during his speeches, you would generally find the established ever present old folks, not young people. The contrary was true with the Pres. If this party is to succeed we need to concentrate on the young voters. We need to counteract the never wavering old ideas and for God sakes quit hanging our political future on one or two word phases, like Mr Aiken's. The dems put it out there and the GOP handlers grabbed the hook. Step back, wait for the air to clear and do as they do, spin it. We are also a part of the dumbing down of America thru our Federal Dept of Education. Instead of real educational reform we continue to dilute the classroom with nonsensical peripheral meaningless classes that make everyone feel good. The teachers don't have time to teach because we constantly make them the fall guy for our parental and social inequities. We must select a new younger candidate and "sell" him/her just like the dems did Mr. O. Try and stay away from the elite Harvard ivy league types with tons of connections and get a plain down to earth people oriented individual that can relate to all Americans. In the next 2 years we must re-invent our party and sell the idea of combating socialism or America will be truly lost.

  20. Sorry guys, you are still missing the whole point. Romney lost for a very specific reason and it is unfortunately one that cannot be undone.

    He lost because of the ongoing effort from grammar school up though college to convert our society to liberal concepts/values. Combining that with a 24/7 liberal media and massive immigrant voting towards the liberal version of freedom, had Romney DOA.

    The problem is, this was not a one time event! It is the future. Even if Obama FUBARS us all in 4 more years, the framework is now in place to assure liberal election control. Face the demographics you conservative fools! Look the numbers over in detail. Conservatives are still alive and well but are becoming inconsequential.

    The truth is very painful but, many knew it was coming.

    IT'S OVER FOLKS! The cold hard statistics have shown it, stop lying to yourselves.

  21. I hope your happy that President got re-elected I am not a happy person now I am a Christian and the last sentance of this report above to which I responded was self evident that you are Secular and the GOP was and had Christian saying "We are not amused" Psalms 7 verse 9 to you all who voted him back in another 4 years...we will see where this will go....

  22. You hit the nail on the head! I knew he was a loser when they picked him. Simply disastrous. Time for the Republican party to articulate the conservative ideals and show RINOS the door.

  23. You made me laugh, but like at you. Romney would have been laughed out the door if he attempted to go with any of those crazy lies. If that was going to work you would have an easier time and just had Rush run.

  24. Amen,keep writing!. God Bless.


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