Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Listen to this essential series on the reasons Obama MUST now be tried for his multiple crimes of Treason.  Please pass on to your lists!  Thanks.
Wednesday, the 28th from 8-9pm PAC, Thursday 7-8pm PAC and Friday 7-9pm PAC  Dr. Laurie Roth will be hosting on her national radio show a Treason mini series with former military officer Walter Fitzpatrick as her guest. He has currently filed treason charges against Barack Obama and is currently looking nationwide for a Grand Jury to have the guts to follow through with his treason charges.  His case against Obama has been ruled meritorious by several Judges.

Why talk Treason regarding Barack Obama?  What behaviors by Obama equal treason  charges?  What does the Constitution say for the people to do when a President has failed the people on the level of Treason?  Roth and Fitzpatrick will take the gloves off and explore all of these issues and what should be our course of action to save our country.

Listen live at:  or on your local talk station.  You can also listen to archives for those dates anytime after the show for free.

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