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Hey Obama! We The People Would Like Answers to These Questions on Benghazi ...from the blogosphere

Some commentary and good questions on a post from
willyrho says:
The “Holy Grail” of Benghazi is the Kernel of Truth that is Unimaginable by Normal People, but explains all of the motivations for all of the Actions and Non-Actions of all of the actors in Benghazi on 9-11-2012.
That kernel of TRUTH IS: Barack Obama made a Secret Plan with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. The Plan was for Obama to reduce the Security at the Consulate in Benghazi and allow the Muslims to Kidnap Ambassador Stevens. Then the Muslims would trade Ambassador Stevens for the Blind Sheik. The cover for the Kidnapping was established by the Mob Action, introduced in Egypt, by an Anti Muslim movie trailer. The action at Benghazi was supposed to be blamed on the same mob action as in Egypt.
Question: Does anything done by “Any Actor” make any sense, except in the context of “The Plan”.

A few questions that can be explained completely by the “Holy Grail Plan”.
1. Did Obama want to release the Blind Sheik, but had no justifiable reason to do so?
2. Why were 3 MST and 1 SST security details removed from Libya?
3. Why did Hillary request/demand more security, but Obama denied more security, several times?
4. Why were Doherty and Woods told to stand down 3 times?
5. Why did Obama tell the CIA to NOT help defend the Consulate.
6. Why did Obama and his minions watch live video of the attack and not act?
7. Why was an American Drone flying over the consulate recording video before the attack began?
8. Predator Drones carry Hell Fire Missiles, why were none fired?
9. Why were the Seals Lazing a Target, giving away their position and no Hell Fire missiles were fired?
10. Why did Obama blame it on a video that no one (only 17 views on YouTube) had ever seen?
11. Why did Obama fire General Ham for moving to assist the Consulate.
12. Why was an AC-130 Gunship, 90 minutes away, not sent to aid the Consulate.
13. Why were the F-16?s only 20 minutes away not sent to help the consulate.
14 Why is Obama Delaying, Obfuscating and Lying?
15. Why did the plan stick with the plan’s excuse of the Mohammed is an Idiot Movie Trailer?
16. Why did the Ansar al-Sharia try to save Stevens by taking him to a Hospital/Emergency Room.
17. Why did Ansar al-Sharia surround the Hospital where Ambassador Steven’s body was taken and not let anyone in or out?
18. Why was a Libyan Military person photographing the Consulate before the Attack?
19. Why could the President not get an interview with a participating Terrorist for weeks when Senator Lindsey Graham got Tunisia to let the FBI interview him within 24 hours of the request?
20. Why were Senior counter terrorism personnel cut out of the Loop, the Foreign Emergency Security Team was not called.
21. The Embassy in Egypt was attacked by a Mob Action and the motive was the Film Trailer. This was part of the Plan and does not make sense, except if it was a part of the Kidnapping Plan with the joint actions in Egypt and Benghazi.
22. Why did the Idiots in the White House stick with the Planned Motive of the Film Trailer starting the attack at Benghazi? Because Barack Obama, the Pathological Narcissist Psychopath thinks he is “The Twelfth Imam”, “The Mahdi” himself, and “The Mahdi” is Invincible.

The Not Known Unknown; a Fly in Obama’s Treason Plans; Two Brave American Heroes, Navy Seals.
They should both receive, posthumously, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, presented by Mitt Romney after Obama’s Conviction for: High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Murder and High Treason.

I am in Texas and only my Senators and Rep will accept my letters/emails. Other States Rep and Senators will not accept my letters. Please send this to your Rep and Senators for me. This Info can get Obama Impeached, removed and maybe more than that, even.

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  1. Obama Trafficking Guns To Al-Qaeda

    Barack Hussein Obama is arming the “rebels” in Syria, the Free Syrian Army, which just happens to be led by al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. The source of these weapons? Libya. And that is why the attack on the Benghazi consulate needed to be swept under the rug. Arming our enemies? Isn’t that treason?



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