Wednesday, November 21, 2012


 MS Court Submitted/Signed Affidavit
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 22:20

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From: Tommylaws1
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 3:54 PM Subject: Obamas lying past EXPOSED by law enforcement in a court submitted/signed affidavit.
Fellow Patriots: If you have ever taken the time to read something, I beg you to read the below & Especially read the legal affidavit below submitted on 9 NOV, under penalty of PERJURY to the Mississippi court that Obama and many others are charged with Criminal RACKETERING.
What follows is a link to the affidavit signed on Nov 9th, 2012 by retired Maricopa county, AZ, police lieutenant Mike Zullo that provides all of the PROOF that any reasonable person would ever need to show that Obamas entire past is a TOTAL lie, that the HI Dept. of Health was deeply and irrefutably involved with Obama in a CRIMINAL RACKETEERING CONSPIRACY (RICO) trial now ongoing in MS, and that was part of an ILLEGAL and TREASONOUS PLAN that was and is designed to present a FRAUDULENT & TOTALLY ILLEGAL fable of who Obama is and was used to DECEIVE the American people and DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN.
If you want to read the truth folks, here it is.
Note: this affidavit has been submitted at the RICO trial that is ongoing in Mississippi that IF, IF, we have FINALLY found an HONEST judge, WILL BRING DOWN THIS MARXIST, MUSLIM USURPER, but the entire DEMONcRATic house of lies and the MSM liars along with it.
The above is why I wrote two days ago that IF this judge rules that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the DEMONcRATic party, the HI Dept. of Health and others are GUILTY of RACKETEERING, then the ELECTORAL COLLEGE that CERTIFIES the ILLEGAL RE ELECTION that was STOLEN this Nov by the COORDINATED FRAUD of Obama & the ENTIRE DemonCrat party will be RULED ILLEGAL and,
BEWARE, the DEMONS will then SCREAM to the blacks that Obama is innocent (even though Obamas REAL RECORDS will be FORCED to be released, ALL of them, which his FIRST act as pResident FRAUD back in 2008 was to SEAL & HIDE, I PROMISE you, that the demons will cause the ignorant blacks and Marxist left to RIOT & a MOB RULE will then ensue….AND THEN, OBAMA WILL WILL, WILL, DECLARE MARTIAL in order to maintain DICTATORIAL control over the country and finish the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of America, via the ‘Cloward & Piven’ communist plan to destroy the country that he was and IS part and parcel of our destruction.
P.S. if you have NOT read of the FEMA PRISONER Boxcars with shackles…HIDDEN IN REMOTE AREAS OF AMERICA 103,000 of them capable of ILLEGALLY holding MILLIONS of Americans in CHAINS….WITH NO, NO, NO, NO HABEAS CORPUS, NO LEGAL RECOURSE AND NO TRIAL…along with the FEMA CONCENTRATION camps that Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder & Obama have built, then you are a CLUELESS useful idiot that Stalin & Lenin called those who had no idea as to how they destroyed Russia.
Here’s the link below. Read it and HOPE that Orly Taitz has FINALLY found ONE HONEST JUDGE because friends and patriots, if not, YOUR COUNTRY IS FINISHED…FINISHED…FINISHED…REPLACED BY A POLICE STATE THAT IS THE ‘NEW CUBA’
MS Additional Service of Process

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