Monday, November 26, 2012

The questions Obama needs to answer, and if he were a Republican, the media would ask him at very opportunity, at every turn and in every editorial until they got them answered, will be asked of Obama, not even once.



November 25, 2012 TPATH-  The utter contempt Obama has for the intelligence of the American people is staggering.  Once again Obama has used a woman to cover for and save his own behind.

During his press conference where the love swooned media failed to ask important questions, questions the American people need to know the answer to, the weasel who just stole the Presidency, dragged out Ambassador Rice and used her as a human shield.

The pretense was exactly the opposite of what the reality of this charade really was.  Acting as the Knight in Shinning Armor shielding his girl from the unfair attacks she had been receiving, he was actually laying her body down in the path of the oncoming attack.

By using his defense of her, he was able to avoid having to defend himself and his un-American and cowardly actions on September 11th.

And what was his defense of her?  Well he started by saying the equivalent of don't pick on the girl.  And then he finished off by stating don't blame her, she is a "Stepford Wife" idiot who knows nothing about anything and only does what she is told to do and has a vacuous female brain cavity without a single thought or perception of her own.

Some defense Mr. Obama.  No better help has been given to anyone since your support of American citizens who spent 7 hours fighting off hundreds of terrorists in Benghazi while you were resting up for a campaign rally.

Not only has the news media, surprise, surprise, allowed this cover up to continue by deceptively discussing some affair of a CIA Director, who changed wording of a report, what Ms. Rice knew or was told to say, who invented the concept of a video inspired spontaneous demonstration, or if Hilary Clinton really does have more skill at lying than Slick Willie.

The so called Republican Pundits, typical of their generations of being muzzled by the media and the left, also have failed to force this revolting user of people to answer just a few very important questions.

The questions Obama needs to answer, and  if he were a Republican, the media would ask him  at very opportunity, at every turn and in every editorial until they got them answered,  will be asked of Obama, not even once.

TPATH Questions to Obama:
1. Where were you when you first heard that the gun running mission in Benghazi was under attack?

2. Who told you the mission was under attack?

3. Did you go to the White House Intelligence meeting which began as a result of the ongoing attack?

4. If  you did go there, how long did it take you to get there?

5. If you did get there, how long did you stay? Ten minutes or the entire 7 hours?

6. Did you give an order to send help to those brave heroes defending Americans and American interests?

7. If so, what were your exact words relating to that order?

8. If you did give that order, to whom did you give it?

9. Did you order anyone not to send help?

10. Did you order any official to be relieved of command that night?

11. If so, was he removed because he was trying to get help to Benghazi?

12. Was the Benghazi Mission holding and interrogating prisoners?

13. Was the Benghazi Mission supplying weapons to terrorists?

14. Mr. Obama, what time did you retire for the evening the night of September 11th?

15. Were your eyes closed for the night before our American hero's eyes were closed forever?

If anyone in the massive, bloated, lazy and corrupt American Press wishes to copy and paste these questions for your next interview or Press Conference,  TPATH is glad to be of service, so please help yourself.

November 25, 2012 TPATH

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