Monday, August 9, 2010

OK Here's The Rest Of The Story

I'll save my comments until after you read the AP story. wait til Rush gets his hands on this one.

Read the story first, no cheating.....

Flight Attendant Accused of Berating Passenger, Fleeing by Emergency Slide

Published August 09, 2010

Aug. 9, 2010: Steven Slater, a JetBlue flight attendant, was arrested Monday on charges he got into a fight with a passenger and fled by deploying an emergency exit slide at New York's JFK Airport.

A flight attendant was arrested Monday for allegedly getting into an argument with a passenger after landing in New York, then berating the passenger on the flight intercom and fleeing down the plane's emergency exit slide.

The flight attendant on JetBlue Flight 1052 apparently was annoyed with the passenger for standing up to retrieve his overhead baggage before the crew gave the all-clear at John F. Kennedy Airport, a police source told

The attendant, Steven Slater, then allegedly deployed the slide so he could flee. Police say he then went to his car and drove to his Queens home, where he was arrested.

He was charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey released a statement saying that the "matter is under investigation" and that the airport was "fully operational" Monday afternoon.

JetBlue confirmed in a written statement that the slide was deployed, but no one was hurt and all passengers exited the plane through the jet way.

"At this time, we are working with the FAA and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to investigate the incident," the statement said. "At no time was the security or safety of our Customers or Crewmembers at risk."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Okay the details "left out" of the story.

The passenger in question was none other than black caucus climber, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, 18th district(Houston) Tx.

The way I've heard the story developing,goes a little differently--- As the plane was approaching the terminal gate, the flight attendant in question made the announcement for the passengers to stay seated until the plane rolled to a stop. Queen Sheila, sitting in 1st class, ignored the instruction. When the flight attendant asked her to stay seated she hurriedly pulled her bag from the overhead bin hitting the attendant in the head. But not before calling him a motherfu*ker.

The attendant was so p.o.'ed, he grabbed the plane intercom and told off the passenger. Then he grabbed some beer from the galley, deployed the rear slide, and said " There goes 25 years of work" tossed the beer first then follow it down the slide. He ran across the tarmac to a terminal door. When the police caught up with him, he was at his home being consoled by his gay boy friend. His BF told the police his S.O.,had had a very hard day.

Arrogance and a flare for the dramatic all in one story, it doesn't get any better than this. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee rivals Rep Pete Stark Ca. in disgusting behavior. Is there anyone out there that would love to punch one or both of these jerks out? Pete's an old man and Sheila is a woman, but man do they have some comeuppance over due.

AP/Fox doing their thing in providing cover for the Commucrats, but why are they throwing one of their gay buds under the bus by under reporting this story.??



  1. The Low Land Gorilla, Shelia Jackson Lee has a history of nasty ..she should be arrested.

  2. That would be the same Sheila Jackson Lee who was annoyed that blacks were not being represented by the names chosen for hurricanes. “All racial groups should be represented,” she told The Hill Magazine, adding that she hoped the weather establishment in future “would try to be inclusive of African American names” such as “Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn.”

    That would be the same Sheila Jackson Lee who wants to sell F-16 fighter planes to Hugo Chavez.

    That would be the same Sheila Jackson Lee who, during a 2005 visit to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, asked whether the Mars Pathfinder had taken the image of the flag planted on Mars by Neil Armstrong in 1969.

    That would be the same Sheila Jackson Lee who, accustomed to having an aide drive her daily, in a government-leased car, back and forth between her Capitol Hill apartment and her congressional office one block away, once told a staffer who had failed to reserve a limousine: “You don't understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen!”

  3. She is a Queen?
    Back in '72 when I thought 'Nam was going to be my next stop, I hitchhiked home for the weekend from my training base to Maine, about 250 miles. I was picked up by a guy who said "You drive, get me to Boston Mass, I have a date at 10pm, Quick!" He was very rude and went to sleep in the back. I drove the speed limit (70mph back then). I woke him up at 10:30 at the place he wanted to go. He called me a fool for not taking advantage of the diplomatic plates on his car and getting him there on time. He then drove off leaving me stranded, not near a highway. I lost all respect for politicians. He was an arrogant bastard who thought his sh*t didn't stink, I was worried about my military vows, "to give my life for my family, my friends, and my country" and he was worried about not getting laid. Thanks for letting me tell that one, it is true and it has bothered me for years. Thanks, Barn's

  4. No way the queen was sitting in first class, Jetblue does not have first class seats. Sometimes people in the front few rows, however, THINK they are in first class.

  5. I'm a queen and I expect to be treated a such!


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