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Why Release an Obvious Fake?

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While the COLB is irrelevant to Obama’s inherent ineligibility for the office he now occupies, why release such an obviously troubled and easily debunked document?
not eligible
Within one hour of the White House release of the long-form  birth certificate certification of live birth, it was proven to be fraudulent and another “assembled” document, that is, a fake.
The same obvious problems that plagued the first forged documents plagued this one,  only with a few different twists.  Here is just one of the many videos already available documenting different parts of the forgery:
Why release such an obvious faked document?
And how to explain the truly embarrassing and unprofessional behavior of the media in defending a usurper? Is it their criminal liability, as Pastor Manning Reports? Or is it simply their jobs?
Unfortunately there are probably several scenarios, and maybe parts of them operating together.  This essay takes a look at a few scenarios given the patterns that this and other blogs have documented, and invites your ideas as to the latest deception(s) by Obama.
First, let’s look at what is missing from this latest release.
  • Coverage or mention that his father’s birth place is listed and history known–ie, never a US citizen, so that Obama is instantly disqualified.
  • Known adoption by an Indonesian citizen, and what happens to the birth certificate itself? 
  • Or what about the missing  evidence of U.S. citizenship or a name change from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama?
  • Everything else–college records, medical, senate papers, etc…as if the release of this document is sufficient.
On its face it is insulting to release such shabby piece of work…but what do we expect from someone with no loyalty to the United States?  A crime was committed on national TV, and he went off to sit with Oprah.
Is the NWO letting Barry Soetoro Go…or Circling the Wagons?
In light of the secrecy surrounding everything about Obama that could only be accomplished through an intelligence operation, why would they expose Obama to such an obviously sloppy job of a faked document unless they wanted him and his network to go down?
Is Obama too blatant an islamo-communist and foreigner for the NWO’s desire to keep their involvement unnoticed? Or is this playing out a war between factions of the NWO, clearing the way for Clinton?
Making this document actually available for forensic examination will most certainly confirm its fraudulent nature. The forgers, the enablers, and Obama could be easily taken into custody through  Congressional order…hmm…what Congressional order?  How deep is this to prevent the FBI from moving in on Obama right now?
  • Can we intervene and order Congress to act? Or do they too have more pressing things to do more golf games and TV appearances lined up?
Looks like the Fox is guarding the hen house.
And  already a chorus of the media–who make and break the politicians– is singing in unison that this issue is over.
It may be over for them, but not for America.
What about Obama’s father’s citizenship?
caught in a lie
This is the main issue regarding natural born citizenship, and the main stream media know exactly what a natural born citizen even without a Supreme Court ruling. The evidence is clear on that point:
When Donald Trump released his hospital birth certificate, Politico immediately jumped on Trump not being a natural born citizen because of his mother’s birth outside the United States.  Trump produced his mother’s naturalization papers the next day showing she was a citizen at the time of The Donald’s birth.
We have the same situation with the new fake document, only it shows Obama’s father’s birth place.  Obama’s father was a natural born British subject, and later added Kenyan citizenship.  Obama’s website in 2008 admitted he was a British subject a birth and his citizenship governed by the British Nationality Act of 1948.  Obama is possibly American citizen…it depends on verification of his birth place and if he can prove that his Indonesian adoption did not affect his American citizenship.
Dual citizen at birth does NOT a natural born citizen make.  A natural born citizen has unalienable, undivided allegiance to the United States at birth.
Remember where The Birthers advised we were on the definition of natural born citizen…
The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first.
If Obama can prove he’s American, and that his Indonesian adoption has not altered that citizenship, then he is in the second class of citizens above… ‘as to this class, there have been doubts’.
Is this a trap to set up a Supreme Court Ruling in Obama’s Favor?
If Congress does not act, the only people who would have standing to challenge Obama on his use of a forged document to qualify for the ballot in each state are other candidates.
As the trap would be enacted, Obama would be challenged late, before the election on the fraudulent birth certificate, not his father’s citizenship, and the U.S. Supreme Court, which never took a case, would suddenly, on an emergency basis and without recusals of Roberts, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Thomas take a case and rule in favor of the one parent criterion of Blackstone fraudulent birth certificate.
While I understand the need to have the Supreme Court  clarify the meaning of natural born citizen, I do not believe this Supreme Court under Obama deserves nor should have the opportunity to rule on the subject at this time.  The entire judiciary has been biased against the people in this effort and we exhausted our legal remedies when the Supreme Court failed to hear the Kerchner case without comment.
I encourage everyone to know that we can survive without this tarnished Supreme Court making a ruling on this, and better use the guidance and history we have now provided in the Constitution.  The media will try to get us to say a Supreme Court ruling is necessary before we can apply the allegiance standard–that is not true.   The Founders did not write the Constitution for courts or batteries of lawyers.  They wrote it for us educated and moral regular Americans.
In this context, we must conclude that the definition of natural born citizen as meaning unalienable, undivided allegiance to the United States at birth stands as it has been understood for 235 years: a person born of parents with no allegiance to any foreign sovereign.
We do not have any legal or constitutional authority to arbitrarily separate birth place from the citizenship of both parents as the criteria for a nbc, and accept only a birth certificate as proof of natural born citizenship, no matter how eloquent and persuasive the argument and case law may be.  Natural born means no act of law can confer that allegiance.
To ensure another Obama term, the latter category of children born of aliens–where this is doubt about whether two citizen parents are required–would have to been decided by the Supreme Court, imho.
If Obama gets a pass on his documents, believe me he is already preparing for that Supreme Court ruling, including him staying in power while they are ruling.
So, Obama’s release of a questionable document might be a trap to get to the Supreme Court through the run-up to the 2012 election, and essentially overrule the Constitution by fiat, setting the precedent that will destroy our nation.
Is this Just Another Distraction?
Certainly the latest forgery is an attempt to blunt the impact of the Corsi book release on May 17.  The strategy of course is to answer WND’s question, ‘where’s the birth certificate’…focusing away from the term natural born citizen.  Is this designed to have us chasing down other rabbit hole of ‘birth certificates’ and birth places?
We must continue to force the release of all documents…which by now are being destroyed or forged.  I think there may be certain documents that have more probative worth to prove his foreign status than others.  What do you want to bet passports show up soon?
And yesterday, of course, over 200 people were killed in a rash of unusual tornadoes over four  states; US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan; and major personnel moves are going on in the administration, with Gates leaving, Panetta replacing him at defense, Samantha Powers at the FBI  (a ten year term) and Paetreus at the CIA.
Is this the Race Card Revisited?
Already there are statements from the media–and Neil Abercrombie forecasted them–that going after Obama’s father was a racial issue and that is the only reason the ‘birthers’, aka Constitutionalists are not satisfied.
There are other ways in which the race card is played…for example, when the proper word for people of BHO Sr’s race was ‘negro/negroid’, the document makers put in the politically correct term of  ‘African’.  Our pointing that out will allow them a little time to divert attention by accusing the Constitutionalists of being ‘racists’ while we are pointing out the law.
So in the grand scheme for Soetoro, it is a way to divide America on racial lines, and it will work in small areas but not the whole country.  Why?  Because unlike the Obama’s would like to believe, America is post-racial…Obama would not have been elected otherwise.
The truism is that if  Obama’s real history and identity had been revealed to all Americans before the election, and if he had been truly vetted, he would not even have been on the ballot.  Due to the law, not his skin color.
The other possibility here is a combination of Alinksy tactics, which do employ the race card…to “rub raw the emotions of division”; to insult and demean; and to flaunt his illegality daring anyone to stop him.
Chester Arthur Obama?
Recall that the only other ineligible Presidential office-holder was Chester Arthur, whose true birth date, birth place, and citizenship of his parents at the time of his birth were all at question.  Arthur burned all of his  records before he left office.
An interesting statement by Donald Trump was that his investigators found that the ‘birth certificate is missing’.  This could explain why the consistently absurd forgeries and fake documents put out by Obama and his co-conspirators.  And the person who stole the birth certificate is probably under threat of death, just like ‘Lieutenant’ Quarrels Harris of the passport break-in.
But another Occams Razor question arises with regard to his other records of his life.
What are the chances that Soetoro/Obama
  • has hidden his records for later release? 
  • has destroyed all his records revealing his identity and history?
Lock him out
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  2. Forget Corsi and forget his book “Where’s the Birth Certificate” (which is already moot). Don’t waste your hard-earned money on someone out-witted by Obama, instead read a BANNED book like “America Deceived II” by a real rebel and the “World’s Most Hated Author”, E.A. Blayre III.
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