Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Furtherance On Hannity's In The Tank Interpretation Of Natural Born Citizenship

According to Hannity a Natural Born Citizen only has to be born here. How ridiculous.

Let's say a man is born in Anytown, USA but his father is a Chinese citizen and his mother is American. They live here 13 years then move to China. This individual takes out Chinese citizenship, because his father prefers it. Now this person is a dual citizen. The parents divorce and the mother moves back to America.

Their son splits time in America and China, but never revokes his Chinese citizenship by age 18. This individual decides to enroll in an American college, graduates and gets a job and lives here.

War breaks out between the US and North Korea. China sides with the N Koreans and joins the war. This individual receives a notice he must return to China and join the military and the war effort against America.

He finds himself with equal jurisdictional ties and citizenship obligations to both countries. He loves China more however and returns to fight against American Imperialistic Running Dogs.

Some countries do have conscription beyond age 35. Israel for one. What if the example I wrote of, this person was a sitting President age 35, and he gets his draft notice from Beijing to report for military service. Better yet Beijing orders him to sabotage the US war effort from the oval office.

Single Allegiance Hannity. Single Allegiance.

Natural born citizenship entails more than being born on a certain piece of real estate.

Hannity isn't this stupid, he's a sellout, and he is commiting treason against this country for personal gain.



  1. Excellent point Steve. Keep up the good work. The truth will come out one day, the sooner the better.

  2. Shammity will do or say anything for a big enough pay check.

    His loyalty is to the Sorry Arabian Prince who influences his paycheck.

    Where did I read something about the love of money, Shammity loves money as much as Bull ORally.


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