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Derek R.B. Douglas

Derek Douglas
Derek Douglas serves on the White House Domestic Policy Council (DPC) as Special Assistant to President Barack Obama, where he leads the DPC’s work on urban and metropolitan policy issues. Prior to working in the White House, Douglas served as Washington Counsel to New York Governor David A. Paterson and Director of Governor Paterson’s Washington, D.C. Office. In this capacity, Douglas served as the Governor’s chief architect for federal policy and oversaw federal policy development and advocacy on domestic, economic, and urban policy issues for the State of New York.
Prior to his appointment in 2007, Douglas served as Associate Director of Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress where he founded and served as Director of the Economic Mobility Program. Prior to joining the Center, Douglas was a Counsel at O’Melveny & Myers LLP and an Assistant Counsel at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Douglas graduated from the University of Michigan with Highest Honors in Economics and from the Yale Law School.

Take note of "Larry" who called in about 21 minutes in. He claims the header information on Obama's BC PDF shows it was created by "Darrell"!? Peter Boyles crew confirms the name in the PDF actually is Derek.
Update: Please see Commander Kerchner's important comments on this latest twist here and here.

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  1. All:

    Be careful. On 27 April 2011 I checked my copy of the PDF file obtained directly from the White House servers of the PDF file using both a hexadecimal editor program which looks at the very core level coding and also with a simple basic text editor such as "WordPad" and I could find NO evidence of any readable ID header identifying the author that is visible. There could be one embedded deep in the binary code which government and law inforcement forensic examiners could access, but I could see nothing readable ID'ing an author at the hexadecimal level or with a simple text editor such as WordPad. As I said, I did this on 27 April and I repeated it today. That "Larry" fellow that did the call-in to the Peter Boyle show may not have had an original PDF file directly from the White House servers but instead had a copy that someone had "re-saved" and thus had a header added on to it along the way until it got to "Larry". Imo, either "Larry" had a corrupted file with stuff added in as a header from someone "re-saving" the PDF file or the Obots have created another strawman red-herring story and fake file to send us on a wild goose chase looking for the wrong man and making public claims that will be proved false.

    Be careful on this!!!! And be sure to be always looking at a mint copy of the PDF file that was obtained DIRECTLY from the White House server and has not been "re-saved" after opening. Please give Mara Zebest a chance to confirm or deny this "Larry" observation reported on the Peter Boyle show. I could not see it looking at a virgin copy directly off the White House servers from back to 27 April 2011. If so, she should tell the world how she did it. I cannot find any ID header visible in the file on 27 April or now, even at the hexadecimal editor level.

    As they always say verify, verify, and triple verify. The Obots have spread out on the net so much false, misleading misinformation and disinformation on purpose to mislead people, you have to triple check everything.

    So be careful folks before running too far with this "revelation" put out by "Larry" on the Peter Boyle show.

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)


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