Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mitt Romney Releases Birth Certificate: The Chicago Tribune Goes On The Article II Attack

Romney's birth certificate evokes his father's controversy
By Mark Hosenball @ Reuters via Chicago Tribune

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Finally, there is definitive proof: The presidential candidate was born in the United States, and his father was not.

Yes, Republican Mitt Romney appears eligible to be president, according to a copy of Romney's birth certificate released to Reuters by his campaign. Willard Mitt Romney, the certificate says, was born in Detroit on March 12, 1947.

His mother, Lenore, was born in Utah and his father, former Michigan governor and one-time Republican presidential candidate George Romney, was born in Mexico.

So on a day when real estate and media mogul Donald Trump was trying to help Mitt Romney by stirring up a new round of questions about whether Democratic President Barack Obama was born in the United States, Romney's own birth record became a reminder that in the 1968 presidential campaign, his father had faced his own "birther" controversy.

Back then, George Romney - who died in 1995 - was a moderate who was challenging eventual President Richard Nixon in the Republican primaries.

Records in a George Romney archive at the University of Michigan describe how questions about his eligibility to be president surfaced almost as soon as he began his short-lived campaign.

In many ways, they appear to echo today's complaints that Trump and some other conservative "birthers" have made about Obama while questioning whether Obama - whose father was from Kenya and mother was from Kansas - was born in Hawaii.

CONTINUED HERE: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/sns-rt-us-usa-campaign-romney-birth-certificatebre84s1gf-20120529,0,5483593.story

ROMNEY BIRTH CERTIFICATE ISSUED ON 1/18/2012: http://static.reuters.com/resources/media/editorial/20120529/RomneyBirthCertificate.pdf

Irrefutable Proof that Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President of the United States - DETAILS HERE.


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  1. The article authored by Mark Howenball @ Reuters is an apparent deliberate act to deceive the readers by referring to the document that is being presented as a BIRTH CERRTIFICATE -- which it IS NOT! It CLEARLY is titled: Certificate of Live Birth AND it is DATED JANUARY 18, 2112 !!! This document MERELY acknowledges that there is a person walking on planet Earth who bears this name, was born in Detroit, USA, and has these two named persons AS PARENTS.

    There is NOT enough information supplied on CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH to satisfy the RQUIREMENTS of our Constitution which REQUIRES that BOTH PARENTS be CITIZENS (irrespective of class of citizenship)in order for a person to be qualified as a NATURAL BORH CITRIZEN.

    Do yuh' suppose that the Criminal Congress -- where the "so called" Republicans are in the majority in the House, have refused to honor their Oaths of Office and challenged akaObama on HIS ineligibility BECAUSE THEY HAD PLANS TO NOMINATE AN INELIGIBLE candidate from their party?

    What we DO KNOW from this publication is that both the author and Reuters are merely propaganda tools for the establishment -- the New World Order socialists and communists.


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