Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Read the astounding and ultimately devastating poll results

May 29, 2012 TPATH

May 29, 2012 TPATH - Before you scroll down and read the astounding and ultimately devastating poll results, here is a bit of background on its structure and why it was taken.  It will be quite clear too, why the mainstream media will not take a poll like this, as it will show they are losing the battle of secrecy they have been waging against our people.

A few weeks ago TPATH posted an open letter to Glenn Beck in response to his openly condescending remarks concerning the on going birth and forgery issues of one, Barack Hussein Obama.  Typical of the mainstream news media, Beck belittled, in pure Alinsky fashion, the patriots of this country who  care about the complete Constitution, and not just selective, convenient sections.

Our point in writing the letter was to ask Glenn to post questions to his viewers and readers of the Blaze, which would let him see the large percentage of his "people" which have not been convinced that the Usurper, is in fact, not an usurper.

As one who has spent almost 4 years investigating this fraud they call the President, even I was flabbergasted at the outcome of this poll.

Of course this  was not scientific.  Far from it.  For certain most of the participants are regular readers of TPATH or were sent the link by them.  This group is comprised of hardworking Americans who consider themselves, for the most part, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Capitalists, Republicans and even a few Libertarians.  Very few Marxists and forgers visit TPATH.

This was an on line poll with no restrictions except the participant had to supply an email address so as to prevent multiple votes by one person. Two votes per email were permitted to allow for those who only have one email.  Votes which did not have a viable email address were rejected and not counted.

The poll was up for one week.
 From May 19 ~ May 27, 2012


1- Are you convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii? 
Total votes -2536
NO:  2,510            98.9%
YES:      26              1.0%

2- Do you think Hawaii should release the microfilm record of  Obama's birth? 
Total votes 2539

NO:          37         1.49%
YES:    2,502        98.50%

3- Do you think such microfilm exists? 
Total votes 2534

NO:             1,781    70.2%
NOT SURE :     190     7.5%
YES:                563    22.2%

4- Do you think Obama is hiding facts concerning his birth? 
Total votes 2535
NO:         25        1.01%
YES:   2,510       98.9%

5- Do you think Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be president?  
Total votes 2535
NO:    2,497     98.4%
YES:        38       1.5%


  1. But this is actualy the opinion of few Conservatives on a larger scale most people on the right or the left don't know about this, thanks to the main stream media !

  2. How about asking those same questions of Mitt Romney as pertain to HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE ..,and, NOT accept the vastly different "Certificate of Live Birth" that was created on January 18, 2112 in the obvious effort to conceal the fact that HIS PARENTS WERE NOT YET NATURALIZED AS CITIZENS AT THE TIME OF HIS BIRTH? Romney, apparently KNOWS that HE TOO is Constitutionally UNqualified to hold the office of POTUS!

    WHY are the Republicans LYING TO US? The RNC KNOWS the truth. It's deceit is comparable to that of the DNC -- all of whom should be charged with treason in my opinion.


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