Monday, June 4, 2012


Don’t you think it odd that the qualification for the presidency is fore-mostly based on a particular type of citizenship, and yet Obama’s is not only not that type, but is dependent on a statute that no one has even publicly identified?  

It doesn’t matter though, unless you are Barack Obama, because no one else is affected by the Constitution’s prohibition against such a citizen serving as the Commander-in Chief and President of the United States.  But he is affected, -or at least he should and would be if the nation wasn’t  ignorant of its own fundamental law and knew enough to ask the right questions. 

You can’t be knowledgeable of the right answers if you don’t even know the right questions.

By what legal authority is Barry Obama-Dunham-Soetoro-Obama a U.S. Citizen?
  1. Is his citizenship due to having been native-born in the U.S.?
  2. Is he a born citizen, and if so, which type and by what law?
  3. Is he a native of the United States, and what makes him one or makes him not one?
  4. Is he a legal, automatically-naturalized, constitutional citizen?
  5. Is he a legal, automatically-naturalized, statutory citizen, and if so, by what statute?
  6. Is he a natural citizen, and if not, why not?  Or if so, why so?
  7. Is he a natural born citizen or is he a naturalized born citizen?
  8. Is the nature of his citizenship determined by the citizenship of his father?
  9. Does having a foreign father result in a different type of citizenship than having an American father?
  10. When he was born, were his parents subject to the jurisdiction of the federal government?

There are tangential secondary questions that arise in relation to his citizenship, such as;
  1. Does he have a U.S. passport, and if so, when did he acquire it?
  2. What identification was used to acquire it, a birth certificate?
  3. If so, why has he not shown that birth certificate to anyone?
  4. What birth location does that birth certificate state?
  5. Where is the certified copy of his birth certificate that he has used throughout his adult life for proof of ID or citizenship?
  6. How could he obtain a social security number, driver’s license, or a passport without one?
  7. How could he have lived his entire life up until running for the presidency without a certified copy of his birth documentation?
  8. If he already had one, why did he then have a need to request one from Hawaii in 2008?
  9. How could he just happen to be the only professional adult citizen (former Harvard graduate lawyer and constitutional lecturer) in the entire country without a birth certificate and also the only one running for President; -and the only one ever to have been known to have a foreigner for a father, and with no proven birth location nor witnesses to the unforgettable birth of a Negro child to a young white woman?
  10. Why has no hospital in any state identified itself as his birth location, and capitalized on that valuable fact?
  11. Why has every hospital in Hawaii stated that he was not born there, or, in the case of the one where he supposedly was born, refused to answer?
  12. Why has no one ever been allowed to examine the supposedly real hard-copy paper birth certificates, -not just images that he  shared only in the digital domain which is not a form acceptable by any authority of any nation on Earth as evidence of anything other than the ability to produce a look-alike image on a computer screen?

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