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On Twitter Donald says Republicans better stop apologizing for Birther issue because:


August 29, 2012 TPATH


August 29, 2012 TPATH - During the long and contentious Republican Primary season of 2012, as the Donald continued to insert himself in many aspects of it, there had been concern that Mr. Trump had something other than getting Obama out of office on his agenda.

Every ounce of that speculation has been put to rest and convincingly so.  Donald Trump, while being equal parts celebrity, businessman and politician has proven that he is all Patriot.

Mr. Trump has been the only high profile politician who  who has had both the courage and common sense to speak out and speak up about the overwhelming problems that surround Obama, his past and his personal documents.

It was in fact, in the view of many, Donald's questions about Obama's birth place, that most likely created the need for Obama's minions to produce that birth certificate that has now been proven by Sheriff Arpio as well as many others, to be a forgery.

As everyone knows, the GOP and the whole establishment have blacklisted any talk or speculation on this subject.  This includes the most respected conservative talk show hosts and commentators.

Could there be change in the air?  Could even the venerable Rush Limbaugh be finally getting on board?  Could Mitt Romney be testing the waters?

While Rush has always maintained that this issue was not only unimportant he felt that it would only serve as a distraction.  Different from many talk show hosts however, Rush always treated those that called his show on this with respect.  Unlike hosts Beck, Levin and Hannity.

Back to Mr. Trump.  He has not gotten where he is, he has not attained the success he has, by being told no, and accepting it. It is clear he knew that Obama was in the process of pulling one of the biggest hoaxes in American political history and when he suggested this be looked into, as others have been, he was maligned and belittled.

Those others quickly fell into line and silence.  
                                                                                                        Not so, The Donald.

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  1. I think Donald Trump should expose Barrack Obama as the fraud he really is. I am sure Donald Trump knows more than what he lets on to. I only wished he had run for President this November. He is a very smart business man and this country needs that to create new jobs and bring down this deficit for our future children. God Bless America and The Donald


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