Sunday, January 26, 2014

A MUST READ...Obama is an unrepentant, unashamed and unapologetic liar. It has recently been made crystal clear that his chief tool in public persuasion for his most important public policies is a cascade of lies. Now we must begin to reexamine Obama’s previous comments and see how many of his other public statements and claims are sheer falsehoods. Certainly, if a person shows he is totally committed to lying to get his way, we must suspect all his other claims. Satan himself is described as the Father of Lies by Christ, in John 8:44:

Does the Devil Have a Little Helper in the White House?

Is Barack a Default Satanist? Yes, and Here is Why

By Kelly OConnell (Bio and Archives)  Sunday, January 26, 2014
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Most people believe in some kind of God. Less believe in the existence of personified evil, or the Devil. And yet the question of this essay, whether Barack has satanic characteristics, does not really depend upon whether Satan exists. Because whether as a literal figure, or simply as a literary device, there are certain devilish qualities which are hideous and highly destructive when any personality bears them. And Barack seems to carry virtually all of these traits.

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