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Q&A: Does This Explain Obama's Phony 
Birth Certificate; Who's Your Daddy!?

Adrien Nash @ ObamaRelease YourRecords:

Mohammed Subud & Barry Obammy...related? His mother as well as Loretta Fuddy were both members of the Subud cult. The question is "when did Dunham first meet Muhammed? 1960? or later?

I copied and reversed Subud's eye and replaced Obama's which was squinting. (the middle version is a different photo) — ...

[ IMAGE ONE                          IMAGE TWO                         IMAGE THREE ]


Jesse Mims replied:

I agree with your assessment of the required time frame. I have also done considerable research on the photo in question, the history of Pak Subuh, and his movement known as Subud.

The photo on the far left is of Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (AKA Pak Subuh by his followers). After looking through hundreds of photos of Pak Subuh I finally found an independent source for that particular photo of him. See

So, that photo appears to be authentic; although there remains SOME possibility that it could have been altered. ASSUMING it IS 100% authentic, the resemblance is certainly uncanny. Personally, I see no reason to doubt its authenticity, but.., who knows in today's world of falsehoods.

Regardless... the resemblance could be moot. A meeting between Pak Subuh and Stanley Ann Dunham PRIOR to Obama's conception has to be proven for it to even be considered as possible that he is Obama's father. Since Obama was supposedly born August 4, 1961, such a meeting would've had to occur during or before November of 1960 for Pak Subuh to have impregnated Stanley Ann nine months before Obama was born.

Based on my research on Subud and Pak Subuh's efforts to grow his movement, the only reason he would have been in Hawaii would be to "open" new members there.

However, the reports I have seen say Subud was introduced to Hawaii "IN THE SIXTIES." Since the official storyline is that Obama was born in August of 1961 (others claim an even earlier date of birth), it would have to be proven that Subud was actually introduced to that state during or before 1960, not "in the sixties," which implies mid-sixties. Additionally, it would have to be proven that Stanley Ann met and became pregnant by Pak Subuh almost immediately upon Subud's arrival there.

The best estimate I can find as to when Stanley Ann became involved with Subud (IF she actually did...) is reported by Wayne Madsen; and, he says that happened in the LATE sixties, far too late for Pak Subuh to have fathered Obama.

So, in summary, to prove Pak Subuh can even be considered to have POSSIBLY fathered Obama, the following things have to be proven:

1. Subud was introduced to Hawaii AT LEAST nine months BEFORE Obama was born (during or before November of 1960).
2. Subud was introduced by Pak Subuh personally and not by one of the movement's helpers who often did that job.
3. Assuming Pak Subuh personally introduced Subud to Hawaii, he met Stanley Ann during or before November of 1960 (nine months prior to Obama's birth).
4. Assuming Pak Subuh personally introduced Subud to Hawaii, Stanley Ann became pregnant by him almost immediately upon his arrival and the introduction of Subud to that state.

I'm not yet fully convinced either way. I am only trying to find the truth. Please remember that in order to fully prove that something is true one has to prove that all other alternatives are not true; and, only very careful consideration of ALL the available facts can result in the right conclusion. That is the scientific approach and even though we cannot always prove or disprove a thing scientifically, we should always strive to come as close to that goal as possible. If we do that, the end result will be as close to the absolute truth as we can possibility get.



BR/ORYR Note: Above related to Dr. Kissner's blockbuster report published at American Thinker.

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  1. Answer: It only explains anything IF Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo was in Hawaii in 1961 so that he could have relations with Obama's mother, and you notice that the article does not claim that that happened---I wonder why not???

  2. Regarding all the nutty Kenya claims on the right. Many of them are on forged videos. Others misinterpret "home country" as the place of birth, when it was used to mean the country where Obama's ancestors came from. Obama's bio was written by a literary agent, who admitted to making the mistake herself, and entirely herself, and that she failed to check the bio with Obama.

    The “born in Kenya” story is the height of the loony side of the birther movement. It is based on forgeries like that of Lucas D. Smith, and falsifications–such as the claim that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said that he was born in Kenya—when she actually said right on the same tape that he was born IN HAWAII, and she said in another interview that the first that her family in Kenya had heard of Obama’s birth was in a letter FROM HAWAII.

    Lucas D. Smith, a convicted felon, claimed that he went to Kenya and got Obama’s birth certificate at a hospital in Mombasa. But Lucas D. Smith has constantly refused to show proof that he, Smith, had ever gone to Kenya. All that he would have to do would be to show a Kenya stamp on a page of a passport, but Lucas D. Smith has refused to do that, constantly, and he has also constantly refused to say why he will not show that proof. (Moreover, his “birth certificate” uses US date formats [month/day/year] and not the day/month/year format used in Kenya.)

    Laying aside for a moment the overwhelming proof that Obama was born in Hawaii, the evidence that Obama was NOT born in Kenya is also very strong. There were a grand total of 21 people who came to the USA from Kenya in 1961. Of these only seven were US citizens. And the birther myth has always been that Obama’s parents went there and returned by plane, but only one person came to the USA from Kenya in 1961 by plane and that person was, wait for it, NOT a US citizen. And Obama’s father did not go to Kenya in 1961 either (making it unlikely that his mother did, since travel late in pregnancy was rare, and even more rare without the husband going along). WND has proved with a FOI Act request that Obama senior stayed in Hawaii throughout 1961.

    And the Kenyan government investigated the “born in Kenya” story, and found that it was not true.

    “Jon Chessoni, a first secretary at the Kenyan Embassy in Washington, can’t understand why his office gets so many baseless questions about whether Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

    “It’s madness,” said Chessoni on Monday.“His father, in 1961, would not even have been in Kenya. When this matter first came up, the Kenyan government did its research and confirmed that these are all baseless claims.”” …

    Obama has a Hawaii birth certificate that says that he was born in Hawaii, in Kapiolani Hospital, and the officials of both parties in Hawaii have confirmed that fact. It is also confirmed by the birth announcement in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961, which were sent to the papers only by the DOH of Hawaii.

    Obama’s birth announcement appeared in a section of the newspapers called Health Bureau Statistics. As the name indicates, and as the papers and the DOH also say, ONLY the DOH of Hawaii could send birth notices to the Health Bureau Statistics section of the paper. And the DOH only sent out those notices for children that it had issued birth certificates for, and in 1961 the DOH was not allowed to register the births of children who were not born in Hawaii.


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