Friday, January 24, 2014


As you have probably heard, Bill O'Reilly the bombastic and very smug spin meister on Fox's 'Factor" who by the way has personally "seen" Obama's birth certificate and vouched for his legitimacy (LOL) has landed the opportunity once again to interview the USURPER Barack Hussein Obama prior to the Super Bowl. Oh how we would love the opportunity to ask the questions. You can be sure that the bogus POTUS would be walking off the set after just 2 or 3 of our questions!

Anyway, Silly Billy (the ultimate media fraud) got the gig and you can be damn sure that he won't be asking the BOGUS POTUS any questions about eligibility, birth certificates, life in Kenya, illicit immigration, associations with Communists, rascists, and bigots, abuse of public funds, election fraud, failure to answer complaints in Court, failure to even give LTC Lakin a written response to Lakin's letter of inquiry re: eligibility, political prisoners, bowing to foreign leaders, funding Hamas, funding Al-Qaeda, Benghazi, NSA spying on the American people, IRS scandal, race--baiting, kow-towing to our enemies, failing to protect our borders, lawsuits against our own states and citizens, selective service fraud, or why he has a SSN issued for someone from Connecticut born in 1890, or why there are more than 2 dozen SSNs associated with his name, or why he never fessed up to the American people and told them that he gave up his bar license in Illinois because of perjury, or those fraudulent certificates of nomination signed by Nancy Pelosi, or who he met with in Hawaii just before the 2008 election, or why he calls America a Muslim country, or why he didn't prosecute the black Panthers, or why he covers Christian symbols and omits references to God and Our Creator in speeches, or who he talks to on his Blackberry or why he refuse to respect the will of the American people (Can you say Obamacare) and serial and pathological lying to the American citizens.

You get the idea...we could go on for days.

HERE'S THE CHALLENGE: Start writing your questions for O'Reilly to ask Obama. We will compile a list. We will post the list here well before the Super Bowl. We will circulate the list throughout the internet and send it to Fox and O'Reilly. We will make this list go viril and shame O'Reilly. Of course he will not ask any of our questions but he will have known about them you can be sure. Thus we will PROOVE that O'Reilly and Fox are in bed with the anti-American, anti-Christian, bigoted USURPER and we will shame O'Reilly and truly expose him for the liar and fraud HE is! The ultimate PINHEAD!

You can post your questions here or email them to our email address posted on our blog. 
NO LIMIT on number of questions you may submit. Let's get busy! 

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