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Audio: Obama Investigator: Obama's Kenyan 
Trip; Great Literary Scandal Of The Century

Investigative reporter and author Jack Cashill appeared on Peter Boyles' show to discuss his report on Obama's book, Dreams from My Father. Cashill says Obama went to the library and pillaged writings from other books.

Day One/Two Sub-Heads:

Boyles: What You Believe Is True About Obama Is A Lie
Cashill: Parts Of Obama's Book Lifted From Other Books
Boyles: No One In The Press Corps Will Ask The Question
Cashill: Compelling Evidence Obama-Mama Took Pornographic Nudies
Boyles: Bullied & Rejected Obama & His Indonesian Transvestite Nanny
Boyles: More On Obama's Magical Mystery Tour In Kenya; Media Ignoring Another Obama Scam
Cashill: Releasing Report Monday Showing Obama Did Not Go To Kenya 3rd Time As Told By Obama
Cashill: At Least 50 Examples Of Book Pillaging; Should Be The Great Literary Scandal Of The Century
Cashill: Beginning In 2008 The Respectable Right Trashed Me For Daring To Expose Obama Book Fraud
Cashill: If We Had A Vigorous Conservative Press We Wouldn't Have To Worry About The Major Media
Boyles: Detractors Refuse To Appear To Face The Facts About Obama's Life Story Lies
Cashill: Calls For David Marriness To Do His Job And Set The Record Straight About Obama Book Fraud
Cashill: Some Media Starting To Come Around

Listen Here;

day two starts about 19:27 mark ]
[ Part One. Part Two. Part Three. ]


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