Sunday, April 6, 2014

Modern humankind has been poisoned by the ridiculous, failed, yet highly emotive ideology called liberalism. Until we have the common sense to want to train our children how to think, we cannot be surprised when generation after generation are manipulated, twisted and poisoned to meet the desires of the Marxist elites. Let’s pray this changes before the entire world becomes enslaved under the whip hand of humanist tyranny.

Why Liberalism is Pseudo-Religious Intellectual Poison
 By Kelly OConnell Full Story
Why Liberalism is Pseudo-Religious Intellectual Poison
WHY do liberal folks never get it? Why do a million successive failures not clue them in that their ideas are failure incarnate? These geniuses refuse to amalgamate the raw data laying all around to inexorably force the conclusion that the premises of liberalism are false. Because, much like how poison works—by mimicking the good things our bodies need, but delivering death instead of life—liberalism is a faux religion, a fake ethics. Liberalism causes death.

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