Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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- 7.1 Million Enrollees a "Phony Number"
- Lies: 3.1 Million Young Adults Gained Insurance
- Hospital Lays off Employees Due to OCare
- Employers: $6,000 More Cost Per Employee
- First Class-Action Lawsuit
- Dems Still Running from OCare
- OCare Cuts Choices, Not Costs
- Obama Spent $0.7 Billion Promoting OCare
- O: Dems Should be Proud of Cancelling Plans
- Obama: Debate Over Repealing Law is Over
- People 'Don't Realize They've Received Benefits'
- Only 1/3 of Sign-Ups Previously Uninsured
- MD Officially Dumps $125 Million Website
- Majority of 'Enrollees' Already had Insurance
- Fallon Mocks ObamaCare Victory Lap

- Pelosi: Don't Measure by How Many Uninsured Get Insured

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