Saturday, May 3, 2014

Let’s get serious. Obama’s problem is not just the infrequency of random name-assignment errors in professional personal databases. His problem — and it is a most incorrigible problem — has to do with the rarity of the name “Harrison J. Bounel.”

Barack Obama and Harrison J. Bounel

Posted to American Thinker
Who is Harrison J. Bounel, and might the name suggest something about possible Obama ID fraud?
To be sure,’s failure to verify Obama’s identity implies nothing whatsoever as to whether ordinary citizens should question it.
Undoubtedly, the system glitch represents nothing more, and nothing less, than yet another instance of racist computers conspiring against Obama.
The Harrison J. Bounel controversy revolves in part around the fact — contested by no one — that a personal information database, housed in yet another presumptively racist computer, linked Obama’s Hyde Park Chicago home address and SSN with the name “Harrison J. Bounel.”
So what’s going on?
In order to maximize the prospect of arriving at the truth, let us turn to the decidedly non-racist Snopes folks for the answer, since they are surely the premier debunkers of “crazy” conspiracy theories related to Obama’s identity:
An item from February 2013 resurrected the claim that Barack Obama was using someone else’s Social Security number, this time a SSN supposedly belonging to one Harrison J. Bounel:
Who is Harrison J. Bounel? According to the 2009 tax return submitted by President Barack Obama, he’s the President of the United States….
This claim stems from nothing more than the observation that a search of a personal information database back in 2011 showed that the name “Harrison J. Bounel” had been mistakenly cross-indexed with Barack Obama’s home address and Social Security number. (This type of error is common in such databases and has since been corrected.) Aside from that temporary erroneous entry, there is no evidence whatsoever that Barack Obama ever used the name “Harrison J. Bounel” as an alias, or that Barack Obama’s Social Security number was originally issued to someone by that name. 

There’s nothing like deep inhalation of wintergreen, non-racist air if a cure for your conspiracy-addled mind is what you’re after.
Just think of Snopes as a virtual sanitarium; read what they have to say and nothing else, and your fever will surely break.
But: there are a few problems with the Snopes “refutation” of Bounel-related conspiracy theories. 
In regard to the Bounel/Obama link, we are clearly in the realm of fact, not conspiracy theory.

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