Friday, May 23, 2014

SHOCK QUESTION: Is the V.A. Health Care Scandal Another White House Sanctioned Crisis to Cause System Failure?...

The VA scandal is quite possibly the dirtiest of all scandals happening under Obama's watch. Benghazi was ugly and several Americans were murdered by terrorists as a result of Obama's inaction. The IRS scandal is nasty in that Obama's government used the IRS as a political weapon against his foes. But the VA scandal is now becoming directly responsible for MANY lives lost. And those lives lost were all people who put their lives on the line for what little freedom we have left.

Barack Obama is the Commander in Chief. He is the leader of the world's most powerful military. The fact that lives are lost and Obama refuses to hold anyone responsible is downright repulsive. Worse, the very man Obama should hold responsible will ultimately be tasked with a decision on the investigation!

Why is Obama protecting the VA Secretary? Why does Obama refuse to hold anyone responsible?'s Norvell Rose asked a very uncomfortable question today. What if this VA scenario is a manufactured crisis aimed to cause system failure?

Here's an important piece of the puzzle the media is refusing to show. VA Secretary Shinseki and Obama were trying to sell the idea of dismantling the VA system some five years ago. They were floating the idea of pushing veterans into private insurance programs, meaning if they made enough money they would need to pay for much of their own care.

This wouldn't have gained a lot of traction in Congress, of course, but that doesn't mean Obama doesn't still work towards making it happen. What would be the ultimate goal in such a move? In short... an expanded version of ObamaCare. Dump the VA system into ObamaCare so we're several steps closer to single payer. Everyone uses the same health system. Everyone.

That's their goal.

You need to click here and read Norvell's full story. It's an eye-opener and will really get you thinking. Leave a comment or two while you're there.

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