Friday, September 12, 2014

From the Internet: This game that BO is playing out is just for the politicians. He could care less who ISIS [or as BO calls them ISIL] kills as long as they do as he [BO] wants. Christians, Jews that’s cool, Raping Children that’s cool too. This man is totally devoid of Conscience. Thus a perfect mohommedist. He does things only because he is pushed into them by the Dems. And that is primarily for the Press to give to the base of the party. Never trust a man that has never told the truth in his life. So, we will embark on OBAMA’S WAR. May GOD BLESS the Military men and Women in Harms way.

Obama’s continuing war for radical Islam: Using the pretext of destroying ISIS to destroy another secular leader – Bashir Assad of Syria

Walid Shoebat sums up the Obama double talk you will hear tonight re: ISIS

8880500036_f5046e10fa_zObama is most likely going to talk about our hope in “aiding the FSA Free Syrian Army moderates” (who are not moderate at all and now mostly have joined with either ISIS or al-Nusra – both al-Qaeda linked terror groups) who he wanted to pay $500,000,000 to hopefully try to “Kill Bashar Al-Assad of Syria” (who, in fact, was the only one actually trying to kill ISIS) and then hope that Bashar’s “moderate” enemies (the FSA Syrian rebels), if and when they hopefully succeed, that we can hope-and-change the situation that Bashar’s enemies(the Jihadi Syrian rebels) in the end hopefully Kills ISIS.
John McCain met with the leaders of ISIS in Syria last year and promised to support them with arms, dunning, and training
John McCain met with the leaders of ISIS in Syria last year and promised to support them with arms, funding, and training

Essentially, the Free Syrian Army no longer exists, other than in name only, but it will be used by Obama as a “moderate” force that needs another $500 million to fight ISIS which they will use to fight Assad. Considering that ISIS and FSA have  the exact same goals: overthrowing the Assad Regime, who you there be any doubt as to Obama’s motives? Why would the FSA fight against a group that has the same objective as they do? Removal of Assad.


Naturally, Obama won’t be looking for approval from Congress, the White House said Obama told lawmakers after an hour-long discussion with congressional leaders Tuesday that he “has the authority he needs to take action against the Islamic State militants.”


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