Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Obama's Immigrant Bill Could Have Deadly Consequences

Tuesday, 09 Sept 2014

President Obama will be meeting with congressional leaders and military advisers on Tuesday to frame a strategy for battling ISIS overseas. Better late than never. But Obama still has said nothing about stopping jihadists from bringing their terror here.
It’s up to Congress to act on this urgent issue. Congress should reverse Obama’s dangerous new policy of granting asylum to people with terrorist connections. Federal law bars it, but on February 5, the administration went around Congress and loosened the law to welcome asylum seekers who have provided only “limited material support” to terrorists.  
Next, Congress should outlaw visas to “study” at unaccredited institutions, which often are nothing more than visa mills. Finally, Congress needs to crack down on overstaying visas. Five of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 had overstayed tourist visas, and another was on a student visa.
Of course, immigration offers huge benefits to our nation. And not all terrorists are foreign born. But these weak links in enforcement have to be closed to thwart another 9/11. That’s not anti-immigration. It’s anti-terror.


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