Thursday, September 25, 2014


By: Devvy
September 22, 2014

A few short months ago headlines dominated the Internet and some cable network shows over the massive surge of illegal minors coming across the border. An open border by design. Now many are wondering if terrorists can come across the border? Will there be another 9/11 in one or more big cities to kill as many infidels (that would be us) as possible?
Well, I hate to tell folks, but they've been crossing the border for years, blending in with the hordes. If any form of amnesty goes through, likely some will be rewarded with citizenship while plotting to kill as many infidels as they can. Whether you're talking 8 million liars, cheats and thieves or 20 million, there is no way to do background checks on all of them; not even a fraction.

The latest flavor of savages and barbarians are known as ISIS or ISIL. Animals who have no humanity left, only extreme hatred. Evil in human form who take great delight in murdering other human beings and raping women and children regardless of ethnicity or religion. Satan awaits each and every one of them.

But, are they here?

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