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Since 9-11 the immigration of Muslims into America in the first ten years following that day, has increased by 73% as compared to the ten years prior to that attack. MUST READ...

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Data, Commentary and a Warning
By: Dwight Kehoe of TPATH
The Eagle Mr. Nicholas Purpura of Team NJ

Note from TPATH: This article is longer than most of the commentary we write.  It has taken several months of research and we believe it is one of the most important compilations we have done.  Please take a few extra minutes to read this and then pass it along to your Democratic friends. The future of our country depends on everyone understanding the dangers our Republic faces.

September 5, 2014 ~TPATH~
Many active supporters of the 2nd Amendment have spent endless hours gathering information on the benefits of an armed populatiion.  They have presented incalculable amounts of data which prove beyond any doubt that people are safer if law abiding citizens are not prevented form protecting themselves and their families from the many dregs of human debris which stalk our society.

They have shown through their writings that the Founding Fathers succinctly understood the need and the good that firearms afforded when used by responsible citizens.  It has also been made quite clear that the authors of the Bill of Rights intended for people to be able to defend themselves and their families from unlawful aggression.  And, having lived through the 10 year battle, fighting the tyranny of a non-representative government, they understood the value and deterrence of a well armed citizenry. They were aware that history was replete with government repression of its people. The likelihood of a future that would bear that same vile fruit, held a place of major concern.  These themes were woven through the fabric of their writings, lectures and the Constitution itself.

Indisputable comparisons of data show, time and time again, that legally owned firearms save innocent lives a thousand time more often than they take them.  Year after year, decade after decade the percentage of deaths caused by legal firearms is less than .0014 percent of all homicides.

The dangers of life and living are the reality of life and living.  No law can make everyone safe all the time.  No regulation could ever prevent all accidents.  But when so much attention is given to taking away the rights of honest citizens, in the face of the facts listed above and considering that hundreds if not thousands of life's other perilous activities are more dangerous and take many, many more lives each year than do legally owned guns, one must conclude that the safety of the people may not be their true objective.

For example: 
Every week in this country more than 400 children are killed or maimed in car accidents. One travel week on our highways kills more children than legal guns have in the past 50 years.  There are of course many more human functions which claim the lives of both children and adults.  They number in the tens of thousands every single week.  But your government is concerned about you and your firearm?  Curious? No, not really.
Before we go deeper into the elements and intent of this article, a divergence to other aspects which you will see, tie in directly to this topic.  Please bear with us.


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