Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Barack 0bama's primary agenda is the fundamental transformation of the United States of America. Thus, it should not surprise us that he probably does not read the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) or only on occasion; last week his schedule showed that he received the "briefing" only twice, and not before 10:00am. Indeed, he is not concerned with the national security of this country, from all outward appearances.

The PDB is a highly specialized document, a collaborative effort on the part of several agencies. It contains the most sensitive intelligence given to a President. The briefers are analysts who sit down with the POTUS to discuss its contents and to make sure that any questions the POTUS might have is relayed to the analysts who prepare the briefing. So if 0bama isn't sitting down with the briefers, it means he isn't asking questions and they are therefore not taking questions back to the analysts who are writing the PDB!

The briefers are up early in the morning preparing to go to the WH to sit with the POTUS; at least that's how it was done before 0bama. George W. Bush received his PDB early in the morning, 7:00am and not later than 7:30, EVERY day. The assignment of briefing the President is a feather in the cap for an analyst, a plus when it comes to promotion. It is a serious assignment.

Finally, the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated all of our Government agencies, I am convinced. I also believe that the MB is advising POTUS on Islam as it relates to national security. That is my strong suspicion. And if this is true, it means that our country has been betrayed.

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