Monday, March 29, 2010

Let Orly Do It

Thirteen states are challenging the Health Care Bill for violating the Constitution.
How thorough do you expect the AG's of these states to be,considering they are paid a very nice salary, by the taxpayers.

Do you expect them to show up in court with the 10th Amendment of the Constitution highlighted in yellow as Exhibit 1, and that's about it.?

Or do you expect them, to weigh the very paper the Bill is written on, check the thickness, make sure the chain of custody, went from Speaker to Oval Office, with an unbroken and secure transfer of this document. Ensure it was secured in a vault overnight while awaiting signature. Ascertain who had the combination to the vault, if there wsas a witness when it was taken out of the vault, and who that person was? Etc.etc.,etc.

Seems like a meaningless line of questions. I agree to an extent, but how do they secure the document to avoid post passage tampering? For one-sixth of the economy I expect a to get my monies worth regarding questions to be asked by these gents.

One in particular, the signature signing the Bill into law. Is it Obama's, and by what right does he sign. Prove it. A video of the Inauguration as proof won't suffice in this instance. Not thorough enough. We're still talking 1/6th of the economy, states rights, survival of the republic, the future of our posterity.

Orly Taitz has filed a motion to join these 13 AG's to ask just such a question. Quo Warranto Obama, By What Right Do You Affix Your Signature. Show Your Documentation.

I've said here many times before, in our federal legal code the only exception to placing the burden of proof on the accused, not the accuser, is under Quo Warranto. Quo Warranto even exceeds the 5th Amendment because we are talking about protection against an illegal elected representative from ascending to power by deception. It is up to Obama to provide as proof, to a diligent courts satisfaction, any relevant documentation demanded by a plaintiff. If he can, he can. If he can't, he can't be president anymore. Simple as that. We know Obama can't or else he would have done so long ago.

If the AG's get desperate enough in their case, if it looks like they could somehow lose, I hope they remember the Quo Warranto Ace in the Hole. How fitting if they would allow Orly Taitz to present the Writ to the court.

If they wanted to do it the easy way, they would already be asking for his proof. Case Closed. As a usurper, Obama's signature would make the Health Care law and all others he has signed NULL and VOID.

"Take Him Away Baliff." What a sweet sound that would be. A sound in this instance, as sweet as "Liberty".


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  1. Great post, thank you for writing this. How can AP have printed this and then pretend it did not happen? The Left has total control of the press.


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