Monday, March 29, 2010

Why don't we have answers?...

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  1. uhhhh....

    Go Girl! I'd call you racist for asking those questions but i can't, i'd call you crazy, but i can't, i'd call you an 'extremist,' but i can't.... so, just to shut you up, i guess there is only one thing left to say (just like the repulicans, democrats, judges, george soros, and saudi princes)......NO STANDING!!!! CASE CLOSED! Move along now people, nothing going on here.
    Girl, the sick part about all this is why everywhere barry goes there is this 800lb radioactive gorilla with the name "ELIGIBILITY" tattooed on it's forehead right there with him. Why do only fools like you and me see the problem?
    There is something very sick going on. As absolutely foolish and ridiculous as it seems, someone once said, "Maybe its because the islamic radicals have planted a dirty atomic bomb in the United States." Well, actually, that makes some sense. Why noone on mainstream radio, or tv will openly air a discussion of the elibility question, no judges to try it, no congressmen, no senators, no democrats, no republicans to persue it. The eligibility question is MAJOR DOMO. It's HUGE and has absolutely profound implications. I am very encouraged to see a nice lady like yourself expressing in public what, really, probably most people in the world are already quite aware of. The more the mainstream media, and washington play this down and avoid it, the more RED FLAGS should be going off that there is something VERY WRONG. The question is what and why? The next question is what in the hell are the people of this country going to do about? The country needs ONE WEB SITE which will with singular focus coordinate and direct this fight. There are many fronts to play, hawaii department of information, fat campaign contributions to the right people, new elections of the right people, thousands of well formulated lawsuits filed, national advertising of proof of the fraudulent COLB. Civil disobedience. It's not your parents america any more...we need to make it right again.


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