Saturday, November 10, 2012

3% Fraud Means OBAMA LOST

It’s really quite simple. With 120,223,236 votes reportedly cast in the 2012 Election, if 3% of those votes are disqualified as fraudulent, OBAMA LOST.
Obama’s reported margin is 3,202,936 votes.
3,606,697 or 3% of the reported votes cast is all we need to verify as fraudulent.
With reports of outrageously high votes cast – up to more than 140% of registered voters voting in many precincts, ticking off 3,606,697 as fraudulent Obama votes is a breeze.
My, my, what a little bit of voter / vote cast verification will do.


  1. You guys really are desperate, huh? What are you gonna do when January 20th rolls around?

  2. Why stand for it? This can not be accepted. Fight damn it! Sick of the roll over and wet themselves Right! Fight !

  3. It's not necessarily 3% that caused Romney to lose. Consider that Obama "reportedly" won 8 of the 9 swing states (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin--Romney won North Carolina). Election reports reportedly show that Obama won the 95 electoral votes in these 8 swing states based upon winning 810,000 more votes than Romney in those 8 states. (That's 0.66% of the total number of votes in the 50 states, not 3 percent.) If Romney had won 4 of those 8 swing states with 335,000 more votes, he would have won 270 electoral votes and the election. That's how close the election was. In 42 states Obama had fewer reported votes in 2012 than he had in 2008--nearly 5 million less votes. That would be a strong indication that people were no longer buying the usurper's hype and change program. Question is, how many 2012 votes were fraudulent or stolen and how many military votes were uncounted?

    Florida, 73,859 votes; 29 electoral votes
    New Hampshire 39,588 votes; 4 electoral votes
    Ohio 107,260 votes; 18 electoral votes
    Virginia 113,887 votes; 13 electoral votes
    Subtotal: 64 electoral votes switch from Obama to Romney giving Romney 272 electoral votes and the election

  4. The last sentence in the previous comment should say "Subtotal: 64 electoral votes switch from Obama to Romney giving Romney 270 electoral votes and the election" (not 272 electoral votes).


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