Monday, November 12, 2012

“The assault on liberty we witnessed Tuesday, as was the case in 2008, was led primarily by those on urban ‘ObamaNation Plantations,’ those who depend on what Obama calls ‘redistributive justice’ from the rest of us in order to survive."

Adding up the evidence … to a stolen election

Exclusive: Andrea Shea King recaps voter fraud reports across U.S.

author-image by Andrea Shea King

Ah, the marvels of modern technology! Computers, Internet, mobile devices! Things that make life easier in this day and age. But … this cyber technology also can be used for evil gain too, right? Especially when it comes to elections.
As writer Daniel Greenfield posted, “Half the Democratic ground game is voter turnout. The other half is voter fraud. Voter ID would make an impact on this game, but that would be just like the ‘return of segregation’ or something.”
Take a look at these headlines:
“In Florida: Obama Got Over 99% in Broward County Precincts”
“What Luck! Obama Won Dozens of Cleveland Districts with 100% of the Vote”
“Good News: Obama Won County in Ohio with 108% Voter Registration”
“BREAKING: St. Lucie County, Florida Had 141.1% Turnout; Obama Won County”
“Fraud in PA: Obama Got Over 99% of Vote at Polls Where GOP Inspectors Were Removed; Turnout Somehow ’30%’ Above Gov’t Numbers”
“Out of 175,554 registered voters, 247,713 vote cards were cast in St. Lucie County, Florida, on Tuesday”
What to make of it?



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