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The Constitution provides ONE DAY when the People vote for the person they wish to hold the office of President by voting for the electors who, picked by each of the several States, actually elects the President—on a second designated day. Voting for, and electing the President takes place on ONE DAY every four years. Not 3 months or more, or however much time they need to steal the election.


You just killed Grandma.

When I saw all the cheering, happy faces of the do-nothing, feed-me, give-me-free-things social progressive-hangersons cheering Barack Obama's vote cast model-defying win once again, I wondered if they realized at the moment that Fox News declared Obama to be the winner of the Election of 2012, that they had become complicit in the deaths of their own grandparents, parents, spouses—and, more likely than not, themselves. I am reminded of the adage, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." But then, Obama didn't fool me the first time—or this time. But the left has fooled a ton of people into believing they can constitutionally cast early ballots for the President of the United States. They can't. The left enacted laws i.e., the National Voter Registration Law of 1993, to unconstitutionally allow early voting specifically to steal elections. But that law violates Article II, Section 1, paragraph 4 of the Constitution.
Congress has the right to allow early voting in municipal, county, State and even US Senate and congressional races. But they lack the authority to allow early voting for the office of President. It will take a Constitutional amendment to legally allow early voting for President. But, that's not likely to happen because Congress suspects you may not be quite as dumb as you act. But, they know you're kind of stupid, because you continue to let them violate the Constitution without firing them. They figure if you're dumb enough to let them negate your vote and steal the election from you, as long as they end up with the White House, they don't really care how they get there. Possession is, after all, nine-tenths of the law.
Article II, Section 1, paragraph 4 is very specific: "The Congress may determine the TIME of choosing (the holder of the office of President through the vote cast for the Electoral College electors), and the DAY on which they shall give their votes; which DAY shall be the same DAY throughout the United States." The Constitution provides ONE DAY when the People vote for the person they wish to hold the office of President by voting for the electors who, picked by each of the several States, actually elects the President—on a second designated day. Voting for, and electing the President takes place on ONE DAY every four years. Not 3 months or more, or however much time they need to steal the election. It worked well from 1789 to 1994, and it will continue to work well if we stop letting crooked politicians steal power from the "not too bright" who never really like the governments they elect—probably because most of them voted for the other guy. And they can't figure out why the really stupid people elected the guy who wants to convert the United States into a communist gulag. Here's a tip: the really stupid people did it by not protecting the Constitution. Here's one more tip: you can't protect your rights under the Constitution if you don't know what's in that document. The schools in America no longer teach it, so you have to take it upon yourself to read it. If you don't understand it, for God's sake, don't ask a school teacher. Or a politician. Find someone in the military. Ask them.
Just so you aren't confused by someone trying to fool you that paragraph four in Article II, Section 1 deals only with the Electoral College electors casting their votes in the US Senate, the second half of Art. II, Sec. 1, paragraph 4 makes it clear that after the Peoples' votes are cast for the President, a second day is designated by Congress when the Electors, who won that vote, cast their ballot and actually elect the President of the United States. The date selected for the People to vote for the President is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November every four years. The 538 Electoral College members vote on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December in the year the presidential election is held.
In 2008 Obama used ACORN and and other "get-out-the-vote" organizations to steal 35,626,580 votes by creating them out of thin air. Here's how they did it. Community activists pounded the streets registering street urchins and college kids who needed money, so registering three or four or ten to twenty times, and casting absentee ballots for each phony registration was just an hour or so out of their day and a few extra bucks in their pockets. Here's how the ploy worked in 2008. The community activists who registered the non-voters brought the new voter registrations—together with the completed absentee ballot—to their State's Division or Department of Elections.
In the past, long before I spent most of my waking hours involved in the political aspects of life, I assumed that when a street activist—looking for votes for their own party only—brought in their "Motor Voter" registrations and absentee ballots, the registrations were validated before anything happened to the ballots. And, of course, when the registrations proved to be fraudulent, the fake registrations and the equally phony absentee ballot would immediately be removed from the valid registrations and live votes and, we imagined, turned over to the FBI for investigation and prosecution since vote fraud is a felony—particularly when some of the non-voters registered to vote anywhere from a dozen to a dozen-dozen times.
Not so. There is a decade-old protocol for handling mail-in and absentee ballots. When they reach the Division of Elections, all absentee ballots are immediately "blue-bagged." Absentee ballots, like the ballots you vote on Election Day are viewed as sacrosanct. Which is why, when the new registrations are turned in at the Division of Elections, the ballots are immediately separated from the registrations and placed in blue canvas bags which identify them as valid absentee ballots. Once a ballot is placed inside a blue bag, there is no way to determine which ballots came from the tainted stream and which were genuine ballots from legitimate voters. So, until those contesting the fact that there were 35,626,580 too many ballots in the ballot boxes could prove which were the fake ballots, they were all construed to be legitimate since in the mind of the bureaucrat, the fake ballots could just as easily have been cast for Republicans as Democrats even though ACORN, and SEIU didn't advocate on behalf of any Republican candidate.
In the mind of the bureaucrats, only the fraudulent registration is bogus. Once a ballot is filled out and blue-bagged, it's legitimate even if the voter is not. In the mind of the bureaucrat, even an illegal alien should have the right to vote since the results of the election affect the illegal, too. Placed in the ballot box, the bogus blue-bagged ballots become valid votes for which there are no valid voters. But on election day enough fake votes will elect a president. In 2008, there were 35,626,580 fake votes. They represented more than 50% of the votes Barack Obama received. And, as you saw then, they were good enough to provide the Obamas with the keys to the residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
That was ACORN's part of the fraud that let Barack Obama pull his U-Haul up to the service entrance of the White House with all his personal belongings on Jan. 20, 2009. But ACORN does not get credit for the whole coup. Part of the credit goes to the Service Employees International Union [SEIU] and other unions whose members had contracts to service the electronic voting machines around the country.
How do you think the social progressives won both Houses of Congress in 2006 and increased their control with super majorities in both Houses in 2008? Acorn's get-out-and-vote worked in what the Democrats had defined as "battleground States." (Battleground States were those where strategic Senate or Congressional seats were up for grabs. In other words, voters don't determine which States are "Battleground States," the social progressive Democrats and their allies in the leftwing media do by virtue of what election battles they need to win to control the country.)
On Feb. 1, 2008—ten months before Democratic get-out-and-vote street activists found Obama his additional 35,626,580 votes, Princeton professor Edward Felten demonstrated to CNN how easy it is to hack Diebold's TS electronic voting machines. This Diebold machine one of the most commonly used voting machines in the country. Felten told CNN if a machine is unsupervised for less than 15 second, a hacker with access can insert a virus into the voting machine. According to Felten, all voting machines have one thing in common—a universal key that opens all of that brand's products. Who has a key? Anyone with a contract to service that type of machine.
But, if you can't access all of the voting machines in that precinct, how do you compromise the election? Simple. The virus is on the removable memory card in the machine. When you take that card back to the "Election Central" to count all of the computers in the voting network, the central data system becomes a vector for the virus to spread through all of the machines in the system. What's worse, the Diebold machines don't have a paper trail. What the machines say you voted is the only record. You know—if you watched the video (above)—the vote was compromised. But, without watching everyone vote (which you can't since that negates a private vote) you know the vote didn't go the way the election models and the exit interviews with voters indicated it was going. That's the clue that election fraud had taken place. You just can't prove it.
In the case of the Election of 2008, when the FEC noted in the document on their website on Nov. 28, 2009 that 56.8% of the 165 million registered voters in the United States, or 96,992,000 people, cast ballots for President of the United States. There were, however, 132,618.580 ballots in the ballot boxes waiting to be counted, or 35,626,580 more votes than voters. Those ballots got there one of two ways. Most of them came from orphan absentee ballots. The votes were cast, but the voter was disqualified from voting. The second way, as we have just seen, no voter is even needed. All that's required is a crooked computer tech with access to one or more voting machines in each precinct where someone needs to achieve by fraud what the voters won't give them—an honest victory on election day.
On Feb. 8, 2008 Felten repeated the demonstration on Fox & Friends, telling them he could hack the computer in a few seconds. In his initial demonstration he told CNN there is a computer virus inside the removable memory card that alters the vote. When that card is taken back to Election Headquarters where the data from all cards would be transferred to the primary terminal, that terminal then becomes the vector for the virus to infect the election database.
According to Felten it took Princeton about a month to create the program good enough to steal a US presidential election. It should be noted that three people, one professor and two graduate students created the program. So this is not something that takes an MIT scientist to figure out. The saddest part of CNN and Fox News showing the American voters just how easy it is to steal an election is that they showed them how to do it in February, 2008—fully ten months before the Obama Campaign stole 35,626,580 votes and claimed the prize in the 2008 Election. Granted, not that many people wanted Sen. John McCain to win in 2008. However, McCain legitimately won 59,948,240 votes. Take the 35,626,580 too many votes off of Obama's total, and the math says he actually won only 33,830,317 votes. What does that say? McCain actually won the Election of 2008.
Just think, had people paid attention in Feb. 2008, and pushed Congress hard enough to outlaw voting machines and return to paper ballots, McCain would have been the 44th President of the United States and Barack Obama would have been a one time loser. But, even better, there would have been no Obamacare.
Constitutionally, Obamacare doesn't exist. Although he did not argue the point in his ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts knew something that scared Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. With just a little tweaking by rebranding Reid's "fine" into a "tax," Roberts made it easy for the GOP to permanently kill Obamacare. But first, they had to figure out what Roberts already knew. If they could, Obamacare would fall under its own weight. All it would take is 50 to 100 thousand Americans collectively from the 50 States suing for a redress of their grievance under the 1st Amendment. What did Roberts know that Reid also knew, but what House Speaker John Boehner did not since he had no part in crafting Obamacare.
Anyone who's studied American Constitution 101 knows that based on Article I, Section 7, paragraph 1, "...all bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives..." Members of the House are the caretakers of the pursestrings of America. Fines, however, are not considered "revenue." (Now you understand why House Speaker John Boehner has been so tough on spending bills, and why Obama can't raise taxes on anyone unless Boehner lets him do it. As much as Harry Reid wants to raise taxes, he can't create a spending bill. That's why Obama's trillion and a half dollars per year spending spree ended when Nancy Pelosi lost the Speakership in 2010.
High Court pundits claim Roberts originally intended to side with his conservative allies on the court to strike down the individual mandate which would have left Obamacare crippled, but repairable. I don't think that was enough for the Chief Justice. I think he was setting up Harry Reid for lying to him. The Constitution of the United States made the House the caretaker of the nation's pursestrings. When any appropriations bill was challenged for any reason in court, Congress must certify that the appropriations bill being challenged originated in the House of Representatives.
The problem with Obamacare is that the healthcare bill which became Obamacare originated in the US Senate. While Obamacare was first proffered, and narrowly passed in the House on July 14, 2009 as America's Affordable Health Choices Act, the Senate didn't like bill, HR 3200. Reid blocked it from getting to the floor in the Senate. Reid preferred his own bill.
The Senate, which did not think of Obamacare as a tax bill (since the penalty for not buying it was a fine, not a tax), wrote its own version, HR 3962. And this is where the shell game begins to get complicated. Because in this shell game, there were three peas. Let's call the first pea HR3200, the second pea HR3962 and the third pea HR3590. Pea one and pea two are peas. But pea number three is actually a bean. But, we'll get to that in a minute.
There were five versions of HR 3962 floating around the Senate dealing with various factions of the proposed healthcare system. The original version of Obamacare proffered by the House as HR3200 was never voted on the Senate. It did not become law. The Senate claimed, initially, that HR 3962 originated in the House in November, 2009. But it didn't. It originated in the Senate as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That was the bill that ultimately became Obamacare. In reconciliation, we are led to believe that HR3200 was merged into the Senate version, HR 3962, which the Nancy Pelosi House consented to, telling the media it was easier to concede the a few changes in the Senate version by voting to accept the language in the Senate bill rather than haggle all summer on specific changes from the original House version. As near as I can tell, all that was accepted of the House version was the bill number. HR3200 (voted on in the House) was 1,200 pages. HR3962 (voted on in the Senate, and accepted by the House) was 1,990 pages. And, HR 3590 (voted on by no one) magically became 2,409 pages.
Regardless how it was manipulated in the closed session reconciliation that excluded every Republican in the House and Senate, what came out was called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It was Obamacare. And while 100% unconstitutional, it became the law of the land. The theft of the Constitution would have gone completely unnoticed except for the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, who apparently took the time that no federal judge to date had taken—to compare the language of the various HR versions floating around that never made it through both the Houses using the same language. Roberts knew that while HR3200 was originated in the House of Representatives, it died an abortive death in the Senate. HR3962—Harry Reid's baby, originated in the Senate, not the House.
As an non-appropriations bill, it would have been legal. As a tax bill, however, it is completely and emphatically unconstitutional. When challenged, it will be found to be unconstitutional—if it's challenged before Obama appoints another liberal to the high court.
Now for the Harry ReidNancy Pelosi sleight-of-hand that makes Obamacare a felony. Without the Obama Administration even aware of what was happening, John Roberts inserted a time-release poison pill into his Obamacare decision that not even the liberals on the high court saw coming. Thanks to Roberts, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act now needs a complete redo because since the healthcare legislation that was signed into law did not originate in the House of Representatives, it does not meet the Constitution's Article I, Section 7 Origination Clause threshold. HR3962 is unconstitutional because it did not originate in the House. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi knew that and tried to jury-rig legislation to fit the law and make it appear that Obamacare did originate in the House. That's where HR3590 comes in. And, because it did, it was the commission of a felony—perjury before the United States Supreme Court by the House and Senate leadership at the time of passage who affirmed that HR3590 was the original version of Obamacare that met the origination threshold.
But, as a healthcare bill, even HR3590 originated in Harry Reid's Senate. Obamacare is the fraud that just keeps on giving. The House and Senate Democratic leadership certified Obamacare as legally enacted, and affirmed in their Supreme Court filings that Obamacare originated in the House of Representatives as HR3590, and that the bill was enrolled by Congressman Charles Rangel [D-NY] on Sept. 17, 2009.
In point of fact, Rangel did enroll HR3590 on Sept. 17, 2009. The bill's name, however was neither the America's Affordable Health Choices Act nor the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It was the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009. The purpose of the bill had nothing to do with healthcare. It was a bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to give a first time home buyer credit to members of the Armed Forces. Sen. Clare McCaskell [D-MO] introduced the Senate version of the bill as S.1728 on Sept. 30, 2009. HR3590 passed the House on a 416-0 vote, but died in the Senate. It never got out of committee. The legislation was never enacted. It was just one more dead bill that was swept into a dark, dank tomb in the House of Representatives.
On Nov. 19, 2009 Sen. Harry Reid resurrected the House version of the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009 and blessed it with a new name: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, retaining its Sept. 17, 2009 origination date, while making it appear that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act originated in the House of Representatives when it actually originated in the US Senate on Nov. 19. Keeping only the first sentence of that legislation (because it appears somewhere that Reid couldn't erase), Reid substituted the language of the Senate version of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for the text of the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009 now dubbed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
I believe what Reid and the Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate did was felony fraud. This fraud, I suspect (without proof), goes all the way to the White House because working Obamacare through Congress at that time was Obama chief-of-staff and former Congressman Rahm Emanuel, now the mayor of Chicago. Again, we have what appears, at least to me, to be an impeachable fraud that likely points its bony finger at Harry Reid, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Charlie Rangel, and of course, the guy who wanted the bill passed—Barack Obama.
When they accepted the challenge on Obamacare, the high court, relying on the "enrolled bill rule" established in 1892 in Marshall Fields Co. v Clark, did not question the feasibility of fraud. Reid, after all, is a trusted member of the US Congress. Under the enrolled bill rule, if Congress tells the high court that the bill being debated by the court originated in the House, the court traditionally accepts Congress' word. After all, aren't the members of Congress among the most trusted men and women in the country?
I really don't think any of the members of the high court—including Obama groupie Associate Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan—are going to appreciate being lied to by Harry Reid and the Obama Administration. And, when Kagan and Sotomayor realize they were duped by Roberts, they are going to be more than displeased—but, sadly, not displeased enough to do the nation a favor and resign from the High Court in protest.
I don't think the Supreme Court has ever simultaneously filed contempt charges against several members of Congress, a Chicago mayor and the guy sitting in the Oval Office all at the same time. Former President Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress about committing adultery. I'd guess that lying to the Supreme Court in order to give fraudulent standing to a law that needed to originate in the House of Representatives to meet the Origination test but didn't, might prove to be just a little bit more serious than a semen-stained blue dress.
The Consequence of of the
Obamacare Shell Game, and
why the fraud was needed.

Every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt, who created this entitlement mess in the first place, has known that a retirement income system without mandatory universal healthcare attached to it would ultimately go bankrupt—collapsing the nation's economy with it.
Every industrial nation on Earth that offers its citizens old age pensions also requires healthcare to protect not the people, but the fiscal viability of the retirement income system. Let me repeat this again because you absolutely need to understand what I'm saying: Mandated universal healthcare is never proffered because government feels a parental obligation to care for the elderly. Government control of healthcare is an actuarial devise used by government to make sure that the recipients of government pensions don't live longer than the actuarial tables say they should.
If I need to be even more blunt, let me say it another way: if you voted for Barack Obama and/or some Democratic Senators or Congressmen in the Election of 2012—the most important national election since the elections of the 61st, 62nd, 63rd and 64th Congresses combined, which changed the face of America. The Election of 2012 will change the demographic face of America—its People. How so? By giving itself the right to euthanize its elderly who have become a financial burden on the State which can no longer afford to be obligated to care for them.
When then First Lady Hillary Clinton, with the help of Democratic political strategist Ira Magaziner, forged in secret the legislation (now entombed in Box 1748 in the National Archive where it has been buried since 1994) known as the Health Security Act of 1993 even refused to allow members of their own party to read it, the leftwing media using Clinton talking points, touted the Orwellian healthcare system as God's gift to the human race. Hillary proudly bragged that she modeled Hillarycare after the Canadian Medicare System whose leftwing bureaucrats claimed that the Canadian healthcare system was the best in the world because the average lifespan of Canadian citizens was 80.1 years—5 months longer than in the United States.
If the Canadian bureaucrats claims were true, why do Canadians flood across the border to the United States for medical care? Doctors in Canada are as trained and proficiently as doctors in the United States. But, while the Canadian doctors were as capable as American doctors, they were not as innovative—but, not by choice. Canadian doctors over the last 50 years experienced what US doctors who treat geriatric patients are going to experience beginning on on January 1, 2013—the reason scores of US physicians will retire from practice between 2013 and 2014. The Hippocratic Oath they swore an oath to practice says: "Do no harm." The modern day medical hypocrites protect the assets of the provider, not the lives of the People they took an oath to protect, because today's government healthcare providers are in bed with the politicians who provide their livelihood. Manna, to them, is more important the mama.
Hillary's Health Security Act problem—corrected in Obamacare—contained a provisions that gave the medical bureaucracy (not the medical caregivers) the authority to determine at what point it becomes a waste of taxpayer dollars to treat chronic, end-of-life conditions like cancer, AIDS or just plain "old age" when the most humane, cost-effective treatment would be to simply euthanize the patient. Under the Canadian and British healthcare systems, just as it would have been under the failed Clinton plan—and, as it is under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—old age is viewed a terminal medical condition since it cannot be reversed.
What was corrected in Obamacare? Like it, Hillarycare contained a Death Board which would establish the guidelines under which medical procedures would be doled out to the fortunate few and denied to those who are abusing Social Security by living too long. This was why, when the Republicans argued that Obamacare would collapse an already overburdened Social Security debtload, Obama knew that Obamacare would eventually restore actuarial equilibrium of the Social Security Trust Fund—there will be fewer recipients getting benefits.
With a super majority in both the House and Senate, Obama knew in 2009 that he would be able to push universal healthcare through Congress and sign it into law—providing the program did not contain a visible poison pill clause—a death board with arbitrary life and death authority to approve or reject medical treatment for any US patient. Obama's death board did not exist in Obamacare. Instead, it was buried in HR.1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009—enacted a year before Obamacare. The first glimpse of it is the reference an innocuous agency known as the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Research. Within its week Obama had filled all 15 slots. (In the article, Meet Obama's Death Board on my website, they are all pictured.) The FCCCR set up the guidelines on who, and when, the elderly would be treated or ignored, and set up the Independent Payment Advisory Board who controls the disbursements to hospitals and doctors. The National Coordinator of Health Information Technology—who knows nothing about the illness or disease of the patient being discussed via computer with the doctor at the time of diagnosis, and nothing about that patient's chances of partial or complete recovery—will determine whether or not it's worth it to the government to keep that individual alive.
That decision will be based on the cost of the treatment and/or medical procedure divided by the number of years the patient will benefit from the treatment. (Translated: you are over 72 years of age and you've been diagnosed with some sort of catastrophic illness which could be something no more serious than a fractured hip, a steam burn while cooking dinner, or it may be that you're simply too old to care for yourself.) When patients drains more in benefits than they contribute to society, they will be very likely be denied life-prolonging medical procedures. You will be provided pain relief and some medications—perhaps prescription, perhaps over-the-counter. You will placed on a waiting list for a procedure that will save your life, but somehow, will never become available in time to save the patient's life.
Obama avoided the problems Hillary encountered by enacting his Independent Payment Advisory Board a full year before enacting Obamacare by burying his Death Board in what was boringly called the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Research in the first Obama stimulus bill: the American Recovery and Reinivestment Act of 2009. The reason Congress refused to enact Hillary's Health Security Act of 1993 was because it contained a euthanasia provision that would ultimately affect 100% of the healthcare recipients—they would either be euthanized or simply denied the medical procedures that would keep them alive. Hillarycare was a career-ender because their "ayes" on the bill was just like their fingerprints left at a crime scene. Even when I published Meet Barack Obama's Death Board on Aug. 30, 2009—containing the names and photographs of all 15 board members—seniors chose not to believe that such a board could ever exist because, in the United States, the Hippocratic Oath prevents doctors from euthanizing their patients.
Blocking Republicans from participating in the debate on Obamacare, 27 States challenged the new healthcare law in federal court on the grounds that the individual mandate which would force individuals to purchase health insurance or pay a fine equal to the "premium" for Obamacare was unconstitutional. If House Republicans had done their homework and discovered what US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts appeared to know, Obamacare would have been nullified on June 28, 2012.
What did Chief Justice John Roberts uncover? Something House Minority Leader John Boehner [R-OH] and Minority Whip Eric Cantor [R-VA] should have known, but apparently didn't. They didn't, I guess, because until the Supreme Court ruled that the fine that would be levied against those who refused to buy health insurance was actually a tax since Congress does not possess the judicial authority to levy a fine, but it does possess the ability to levy a tax.
Furthermore, Roberts realized something else, too. Tax bills must constitutionally originate in the House of Representatives. But try as hard as they did to patch three different bills (one of them not even related to healthcare) together to make it appear that Reid and Pelosi achieved an objective that simply didn't happen, the social progressives who are actually trying to fix Social Security by eliminating much of the deadwood still getting benefits long after FDR's actuarial tables said they should be dead, deliberately fell short of following the constitutional letter of the law. But then the Left, which views the Constitution as a nuisance that gets in the way of governing, have never let the Bill of Rights get in their way. Well, for whatever it's worth, once again, you have my two cents worth on this subject. Until next time...

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