Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The key here is the denial of moral authority and legitimacy. This is what we must deny regarding every action of Zero's government.

A Revolution of Disobedience

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Monday, 12 November 2012
In the 221 years since the Bill of Rights (the first Ten Amendments) was ratified in 1791, the US Constitution has been amended only 17 times.  Only once has an Amendment (the 18th in 1919) been repealed - which took a subsequent Amendment (the 21st in 1933) to accomplish.  What compelled the repeal of the 18th and Prohibition?
A revolution of peaceful civil disobedience.  By the late 1920s, juries stopped finding people accused of alcohol trafficking guilty. Over 60% of the accused were found Not Guilty, no matter what the evidence was that they had engaged in the sales, distribution, or manufacturing of alcohol.  Juries paid no attention to the evidence, and chose to judge the law itself - which they have the legal power to do, despite the fanatical efforts of judges to prevent them from knowing about it.
This is jury nullification and it is one of the many ways to thwart Leviathan. (For info on a jury's right to nullify the law under which a defendant is being prosecuted, see the Fully Informed Jury Association.)
When we began the Washington Rendezvous last Friday (11/09), all of us were still shell-shocked.  By the time it ended on Sunday, we were determined to not let the travesty of this absurd election stand.  We first agreed that the stupidest thing to do is form a circular firing squad, like so many pundits and others are doing, pointing the finger of blame at Mitt Romney, the RNC, or other Republican targets.
The blame does not lie with Romney, who was the smartest, most decent, and most capable presidential candidate we could possibly have nominated.  The blame lies with the idiots who voted for Zero, the CorruptMedia, and the Dems who rigged the voting machines.
I believe it was the latter who stole the election and that Romney was the legitimate winner.  Regardless, the bottom line is that at least half of America did not and does not want this Chicago fascist as its president.  So secondly, we agreed that scores of millions of Americans are mad as hell about this Fascist Fraud in the White House.  The question is: what do we do about it?
The answer is we - this means you, Tea Partyers - organize and conduct a Revolution of Disobedience. 
In December 2009, I wrote The Double D Strategy for Rescuing America. The first "D" is for Defund, and we'll set that aside for now, as we are focusing personal empowerment, on individual action and not that of Congress.  Let's laser in on the second "D" - which is for Disobey.  From "Double D" in 2009:
Disobey.  Disobey the Ghandi Way.  Peaceful civil disobedience.  No violence.  Just the refusal to obey fascist and unconstitutional laws.
There are only three federal crimes in the Constitution:  treason (Article III section 3), piracy, and counterfeiting (Article I, section 8).  Yet Congress has passed laws making over 4,000 activities a federal crime now, and federal regulatory agencies have issued tens of thousands of rules and regulations the violation of which constitutes a jailable offense.
Ever hear of the Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act?  Under it, anyone who transports water hyacinths across state lines for "interstate commerce" can be put in jail for six months and fined thousands of dollars.
Suppose a group of Tea Partyers, with press in tow, walked across a state line wearing water hyacinth flowers in their hair, and met another group of Tea Partyers waiting for them who proceeded to buy the flowers for a penny apiece?
The Federal Register contains some 85 thousand pages of rules and regulations, most all of which are unconstitutional.  Tea Partyers have a lot to choose from.
Or they could focus on, say, ObamaCare.  If it's passed with the mandate to buy health insurance or pay a $1,000 fine - what if tens of thousands, what if hundreds of thousands of Tea Partyers refused to do either?  Perhaps a few might be prosecuted - but there is no way all but a tiny fraction could.  There are not enough prosecutors nor judges and it would tie the fed courts up in knots.
And that's the goal.  For so many people to disobey so many rules that it becomes impossible for the rules to be enforced.
Call this The Revolution of Disobedience.  A Mass Movement of Conservative Civil Disobedience that empowers every participant who knows he or she is actually doing something specific and concrete to bring down Fedzilla.
The anger among Tea Partyers is growing to such an extent that one hears "lock and load" talk, implying they are ready to physically fight against the federales with  guns and violence.  If they have the guts to do this, then surely they have the guts to simply disobey fascist laws non-violently and peacefully, to fight in the courts and not the streets.  Yet it's a far safer and more effective way to cripple Leviathan.  
Ghandi knew this.  He saw where the Brits were vulnerable and went after them with disobedience.  After building railroads in India, the Brits couldn't run the place without them.  And they couldn't run the railroads by themselves, for they required many thousands of Indian railroad workers.  So he persuaded the railroad workers to go on sitdown strikes.  They did, the Brits shouted and screamed that such strikes were illegal, Ghandi and the workers said "So what?" - and British rule of India was over.
What Ghandi knew - what Tea Partyers need to know - is that the key to success of any mass movement is the opponent's loss of moral legitimacy.  The goal, then, of The Revolution of Disobedience is to deligitimize the moral obligation to obey fascist laws.
There is no such obligation - any more than there is a moral obligation not to lie to a mugger holding you up at gunpoint about money hidden on you and not in your wallet.  You may have a practical obligation to obey what he says, but no moral duty.
Just like the mugger, Fedzilla may have power and guns - but no moral authority unless its rules and laws are enumerated constitutionally.
The key here is the denial of moral authority and legitimacy.  This is what we must deny regarding every action of Zero's government.  There are, for example, a vast swarm of federalie rules making it a federal crime not to fill in one of thousands of federalie forms.  Those who are prepared to fight off a SWAT Team trying to confiscate their guns - and you know that's coming sooner or later - surely they are prepared not to fill in a form.
For if millions refuse to fill in forms and disobey unconstitutional laws - and most all federal laws other than regarding treason, piracy, and counterfeiting are - if Leviathan can be delegitimized with civil disobedience, then it may lose the power and certainly the moral authority to attempt gun seizure.  (Of course, keep your arsenal at the ready and well-maintained; keep up your practice at the shooting range.)
The result of the Washington Rendezvous was a clarion call for To The Point to provide the inspiration, the strategy, and specific tactics for conducting the Revolution of Disobedience.  Enough is enough.  We have tolerated four years of a group of Chicago thugs, crooks, thieves, and gangsters destroying our country. We are not going to tolerate four more. If half of America approves of them continuing to do so in order to mooch on and loot the other half, then we must refuse to be looted and mooched upon.
Start thinking how you, or your Tea Party group (and join one if you don't already belong) can start disobeying now.  Send us your ideas for, say, public demonstrations of federal rule breaking, with any arrestees demanding a jury trial.  We don't have to stand for this.  We can get rid of the Fascists of Zero.  We can Reinvent Freedom in America.  Let's go.

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