Thursday, November 15, 2012

We couldn't afford Medicare or Medicaid. They're unfunded liabilities by trillions of dollars, when projected into the future. And the solution is -- what? To impose a third government insurance program that we can't afford -- ObamaCare? MUST READ ARTICLE FOR ALL AMERICANS...BE SURE SHARE WITH THE OBOTS YOU KNOW...SEE IF THEY CAN GET THEIR PEA-BRAINS AROUND THIS:

This Is Your Life under Obamacare
James Arlandson

Though it is hard to bear for leftist utopians, sometimes there are no ultimate solutions to social inequalities from big government. More

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  1. Yes, defiantly Medicare and Medicaid plans are very costly plans. I hope US spending 25 to 30 percent of budgets on this plan so it not good for their future.

    Medicare Insurance


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