Monday, February 11, 2013


First Lady of Snot

When my friend Mark S. McGrew said in an email to me yesterday that there’s a video showing the First Lady with snot coming out of her nose, I was incredulous.
But you can see this with your own eyes for yourself.
On February 28, 2011, Michelle Obama gave a speech at the National Governors Association Meeting in the White House. Here’s the video, provided by the White House (fast forward to the end of the video where you’ll see the imprimatur).
Go ahead and verify the following for yourselves:
  • At the 10:47 mark: M.O. wipes her nose with a finger.
  • At the 11:16 mark: The sniffles begin.
  • At the 12:50 mark: Visible shiny mucus secretion from her nose.
  • Beginning at the 14:20 mark: A drop of mucus comes out of her left nostril.
  • Beginning at the 16:10 mark: The droplet of mucus is clearly visible.
  • At the 16:55 mark: M.O. wipes nose with right hand.
  • At the 17:02 mark: M.O. wipes nose with left hand. Right after that, I do believe I saw her tongue flicking up to lick the moisture.!
Here’s the screenshot I took of the shiny droplet under M.O.’s left nostril at the 14:20 mark:
I don’t get it.
If M.O. had a cold that day, why didn’t she use a tissue or hankie to blow her nose?
Then again, we are told that “According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, following marijuana, cocaine is the most popular and widely used illicit drug in the US, which warrants knowing the signs of cocaine addiction becoming a priority. Nearly 15% of people that are over 12 years of age have used this drug no less than one time during their life…. [A] sign of cocaine addiction is when a person has the sniffles and a runny nose but no other signs of a cold.”
A former cocaine addict writes: “The signs of cocaine use can sometimes be obvious. Cocaine, if snorted, wreaks havoc on membranes in the nose. As a result of a heavy dose of cocaine abuse, a user may have the ‘sniffles’ for several days afterward…. When I used cocaine heavily I would need a box of kleenex by my side for days. I struggled with a mucus drip coming out of my nostrils and found myself sniffling frequently, about once a minute or more, to keep this mucus from running down my face.”

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