Saturday, February 9, 2013

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Ex-FBI Agent, Who Wrote FBI Muslim Brotherhood Training Manual Outs John Brennan as having Converted to Islam While Working in Saudi Arabia, is Working with Terrorists and has Placed Terrorists in the Gov't ...Jump to 12m30s Point in Video
- Islamo-Commie Brennan Speaking at Length in Arabic about the Beauty of Islam, Including "Insha'Allah" or "Allah Willing", and Describing His Hippie Days

- Brennan: "Jihad Is a Holy Struggle"

- Obama's Assassination Czar - "Unelected Death Sentence Czar"

- Islam ‘Helped to Shape’ Brennan’s World View

- National Security Nightmare

- Muslim Plant

- Wrong Man for CIA

One Scary Bastard ...And as a Muslim, Killing Us Infidels is a Good Thing!

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