Saturday, February 16, 2013



  1. What a crock of BS. You can tell from Bill's reaction that he doesn't believe what he's saying, that he's lying. How does he know the odds of a newspaper announcement being made? He pulled the figure out of thin air. He sounds so weak when he gives the excuse that he's "busy". And how does he know Sheriff Arpaio has no evidence to back up his charges? Is Bill so stupid that he thinks a birth announcement in a newspaper is acceptable as a legal birth certificate? I stopped watching his show a couple of years ago. His head grew too big and he overtakes his guests' comments.

  2. He pretty much said the same thing on one of his regular broadcasts as well: that because there was a birth announcment in the Hawaii newspaper that therefore Obama is a US Citizen. I almost fell out of chair. Since that idiotic statement, I have lost a lot of confidence in this guy.

    To announce the birth of a baby in a newspaper is not in and of itself cause for alarm. But, in Obama's murky citizenship situation it seems eminently logical to me that his mother was very concerned about Obama's retaining US citizenship. So, for O'Reilly to categorically dismiss Sheriff Arpaio's investigation and the matter of his birth place merely because he "feels" that at the time of Obama's birth there wouldn't have been an eligibility or birth certificate issue and therefore no need to place the newspaper announcements in order to cover up his birth and citizenship is sheer nonsense. One-dimensional thinking and willfully ignorant. So much for journalism.


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