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January 3, 2014

Obama's Other Big Lie

By Nick Chase
"We will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. Period." (Barack Obama, June 15, 2009, with variants repeated many times since).
Today, any American who isn't willfully blind knows this "promise" is a very big lie. A lie which was deliberately told by fundamentally-dishonest pushers of Obamacare, because if the truth were widely known at that time the Affordable Care Act would never have become law.
It's a lie that is so egregious, even the dinosaur media can't ignore it or cover it up. In fact, the dinosaurs are increasingly upset that they're being continually abused be "the most transparent administration in history" and they now seem to be more willing to shed light not just on this lie, but also on some of Obama's other lies.
Do you suppose we could get them to take another look at the big lie of April 27, 2011? The lie that is central to Barack Obama's identity? The lie the dinosaurs not only glossed over, but for which they excommunicated from the human race anybody who dared to point out it was a lie?
I refer, of course, to the long-form "birth certificate" forgery for Barack Obama released by the White House to the world as a digital image on April 27, 2011.
Before you say, "Oh no, here we go again -- the guys with the tinfoil hats are on the loose", let's dispense with the easy part. Here is the irrefutable proof that the Obama long-form "birth certificate" is a forgery.
Shown in Figure OFS (below), side by side, are two images, each measuring 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high (in their life size), against a black background. On the right is the digital scan of Obama's genuine short-form birth certificate, as released by the Obama presidential campaign in 2008. On the left is the long-form "birth certificate" forgery released in April 2011. I call it the "green thing".
Genuine Hawaii birth certificates are printed on borderless green basketweave security paper, as you can see on the genuine short-form certificate image. They do not have the white border that you see in the "green thing" on the left. That white border is like a picture frame for a (borderless) photograph that you hang on the wall. It masks (covers) part of the security-paper pattern at its outer edges.
So it is immediately obvious to the naked eye that the "green thing" is not a simple scan of a genuine, borderless paper birth certificate. It is a computer-generated fake -- a forgery.
Figure OFS.  Obama PDF forgery (with white border) and genuine short-form birth certificate, side by side, each measuring 8.5 by 11 inches.
The White House released two versions of this fake: The "green thing", and a much clearer (higher-resolution) black-and-white paper copy with no security-paper background, which was passed out to reporters on the morning of April 27, 2011. This paper copy was digitized (photographed) by The Associated Press, and that image is shown in Figure MP1, which follows.
The second irrefutable proof of forgery was developed by Christopher Monckton (Viscount Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, an Englishman), who has done a thorough analysis of the forgery's pitch -- that is, the spacing of the supposedly-typed monospace text -- by drawing a uniform grid on the AP-digitized image of the forgery (red lines in Figure MP1).
Figure MP1.  Monckton's "typewriter pitch" grid superimposed on the high-resolution Associated Press photo.
Enlarged, look at the "typed" line of text on Lord Monckton's grid, as shown in Figure MP2. We see that "August 4" is actually shifted slightly left of true pitch, and ", 1961 7:24 P."  is shifted about a third of a character to the right of true pitch.
Figure MP2.  The column containing the comma is where there is a right-shift of about a third of a character in pitch for the rightmost third of the forgery.
If you look back at Figure MP1, you will see that the column containing the comma is where the forger "lost" horizontal pitch.  While the leftmost two-thirds of the forgery (mostly) has one typewriter pitch, the right one-third (mostly) has a different pitch, with the column containing the comma being (about) an extra third of a character too wide.  This pitch-shift is very abrupt and cannot be accounted for by lens distortion in the AP photographer's camera, nor by any conceivable behavior by a real typist at a real typewriter.  A true, and obvious, forger's mistake.
In Figure MP1 Lord Monckton also drew baselines for the "typewritten" text.  (The baselines are for double-spaced lines on a typewriter, when the typist pulls the carriage-return lever twice after typing a line.) You can see that some lines of "typewritten" text are on the baseline, some are close, and others are off, with no consistency from line to line.  While the forger tried to maintain consistent pitch horizontally, vertical pitch was lost.
Courtesy of Lord Monckton, shown in Figure MP3 is a very-beaten-up genuine Hawaiian birth certificate for the summer of Obama's birth, on which Monckton has superimposed a pitch-grid (blue lines) showing that a genuine typewritten Hawaiian birth certificate of that era maintains horizontal and vertical pitch on a form designed to accommodate double-spaced typewritten lines (as one would expect.) (The items "Waihee", "Negro", "Porter Service" and "6-13-61" are later modifications made with a different typewriter.)
Figure MP3.  A genuine Hawaiian birth certificate from 1961 which maintains perfect horizontal and vertical typewriter pitch.

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