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How Will Our Troops Ever Get Home?

Dave Hodges
January 1, 2014
The Common Sense Show

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New Year’s Day was supposed to be the one day I would be able to sleep in but I had a dream last night in which a question that I have been thinking about is resulting in a series of reoccurring dreams over the past several weeks. I feel compelled to write about the content of these dreams because I am gravely concerned for our troops who are stationed overseas.
Having grown up the son of Navy officer, I have a confessed affinity for the men and women in our military and the sacrifices they make to protect us. I have seen up close and personal how brave and how dedicated our soldiers are and when my dreams tell me how much danger they are in, it brings me great emotional pain.
I do not know how, I just have glimpses of our troops in Afghanistan who will be utterly stranded, without resupply, if there is trouble on the home front.
If this administration is successful in launching a false flag attack which results in martial law and the martial law, imposed by DHS and foreign troops is opposed by our military, I am left to wonder what will happen to our troops which are stationed in Afghanistan and our other foreign bases around the world?

The Disposition of Military

We presently have 1.4 million active duty service personnel serving in our military. Of that number, almost 20% of our military is stationed overseas. Our military is presently in almost 200 countries. The largest contingent of troops stationed overseas is in Afghanistan where we have 68,000 troops engaged in an ill-defined and seemingly pointless war. I can see no visible reason why the longest war in US history is not ended and our troops are not brought home. We are needlessly throwing away young American lives and for what? From a military point of view, it makes no sense to keep our troops in Afghanistan. This issue first came to me in a dream about the fate of our overseas troops should we go into civil war. I believe that our troops are about to be abandoned so that they cannot pose a threat on the domestic front to the powers that be.

Dot Connecting

When I interviewed Dr. Jim Garrow, I actually asked him about the fate of our troops in places like Afghanistan if America goes into a civil war. Garrow acknowledged that these troops would be in trouble, but he refused to elaborate because to do so, would violate his security oath he signed as a member of the CIA.
I have taken the question to several of my sources, some are willing to privately discuss this on a limited basis and some are not willing to discuss this at all. The ones that are willing to discuss this scenario are being vague because they fear undermining military plans to protect these troops if they were abandoned by this administration in the event of domestic conflict.
One thing that my sources unanimously agreed upon, is that our overseas troops would be abandoned so they could not render aid to the American people in the midst of a martial law crackdown.
I have been told, off the record, that DHS has more ammunition at its disposal than our troops in Afghanistan (2.2 billion rounds of ammunition compared to 1.8 billion rounds of ammunition). About one in six of our troops in Afghanistan are actually placed in combat situations on a routine basis. The rest of the personnel serve in a support capacity and are not well-armed. Our troops in Afghanistan are grossly under supplied given the overall size of the force. The air cover and air resources are inadequate to maintain a meaningful campaign against another conventional land force of its size. In other words, some of my military consultants feel that the force could be defeated by a smaller, well-armed force unless the Americans were to receive outside help. I have been told that this was a major factor on why General McChrystal was so unhappy with Obama and this unhappiness culminated in his dismissal.
Our troops, stationed in Afghanistan, do not even have the option to engage in Guerrilla warfare given the population demographics as well as the composition and the topography of the land. If the supply lines are ever cut to this region, the Taliban would even pose a serious threat to the survival of these troops. And for the really bad news, I have been told that we presently only have less than 200,000 ground troops capable of engaging in land combat operations. If we were to lose the troops in Afghanistan, our military’s ability to fight a ground war would be gravely endangered.

Obama vs. the United States Military

It is a well-documented fact that Obama has fired over 200+ command level military officers in his tenure. Obama has fired three theater commanders in Afghanistan. This has never happened in American history.
It is abundantly clear to me that Obama would like to use the military to subjugate the people following an economic collapse, or a collapse of the power grid or a million and one other false flag scenarios which could result in civil war. However, Obama knows that no matter how many top level officers he fires, this military will not be on board with his domestic agenda.  His efforts to bend the military to his bidding have failed. He could fire a thousand command officers and he will not get the military to betray the American people. This is why Obama needs the Russians, the Chinese and any other blue-helmeted group to do the job the military will oppose. This is precisely why our combat forces in Afghanistan will be sacrificed so that they cannot lend military support to the people when the inevitable begins to happen.

Nuclear Support for Our Soon-To-Be Abandoned Troops

Despite being the Commander-In-Chief, Obama does not have control over our nuclear arsenal and this is a very well known fact in the military. This is why commanders in our nuclear arsenal are being fired for such things as poker chips. The only way that Obama will ever gain control of our nuclear arsenal is to put a Russian or a Chinese General in charge. And the odds of being able to accomplish this are zero, at least not without a fight. And if that fight were to occur, you can count on the fact that most of the missiles would be launched against the cities of our attackers. For now, the military enjoys checkmate against this administration and their dangerous policies.
Obama does not control the nuclear submarine force as well. I have been told that these forces have changed their protocols because they suspected that they have been compromised with regard to tactics which would used against the Russians and the Chinese. Yes, I am talking about treason. Some have suggested to me that these commanders of the submarines have pledged their support for our foreign troops and we are talking about nuclear weapons support. Therefore, those that have loved ones in places like Afghanistan, can take some solace in the fact that the troops are not totally without support. Yet, their safety is still an issue.


As I take these facts into account in their totality, the Garrow account of how the US military is preparing to wage a long-term guerrilla war on American soil against DHS and its Hessians now makes a great deal of sense With most of our combat troops stationed overseas, our military does not have the manpower to actively resist what is coming. The guerrilla war option may be the only option at our disposal. If this scenario is ever played out, we are all front line participants, even the sheep!
I am not naive enough to believe that the 2014 midterm elections can change this country. However, these issues can be fully exposed if we were to unelect every single person in Congress. This is an intriguing strategy that the citizens could use to fully expose the agenda that is now hidden from so many and it will be a topic for a future article. Meanwhile, pray for our troops who are stationed overseas.

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