Thursday, July 31, 2014

MUST READ...Far from being a shrewd political maneuver, the willingness of Speaker Boehner and his cohorts to unilaterally wave the white flag on impeachment signals a betrayal of the American people on several fronts.

July 31, 2014

Impeachment debacle underscores debasement of the Constitution

By Chris Adamo

In the past several weeks, the pervasive buzz around Washington has been about supposed Republican plans to impeach Barack Obama. Oddly, such talk comes almost entirely from the Democrats. Once again Beltway Republicans are reverting to their standard role of playing exclusively on defense, in hopes that this attack will somehow blow over with minimal damage to them.

Clearly, the Republican Party has no stomach for the rigors of a presidential impeachment, nor for the universal media condemnation that would most certainly accompany it. As a result, Barack Obama has been openly taunting House Speaker John Boehner (R.-OH), literally daring the Republican dominated Congress to pursue impeachment. In every possible manner, Boehner "assures" America that he has no intentions whatsoever to consider an impeachment proceeding.

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