Sunday, July 13, 2014

It is clear that unless Barack Obama is removed from office, and quickly, America quite possibly will suffer some kind of failure of security, economy, public policy, or an international disaster from which we will never fully recover. The world without America is a much less prosperous and more dangerous place. To survive, we must remove our national cancer…The Time to Impeach Obama is Now!!!

Impeaching Obama for Tyranny...Means Finding Political Will, Not the Right "Magic Words"
 By Kelly OConnell Full Story
Impeaching Obama for Tyranny…Means Finding Political Will, Not the Right Magic Words
Road to Impeachment, Part 1
This is the second in a two-piece article on impeachment of Barack Obama. America is navigating extraordinary travails attempting to adapt to Barack’s increasingly erratic and arbitrary decision-making. This is apparently motivated by his own misbegotten notion he’s a secular prophet who must force America to adapt into his socialistic fantasies. His trashing of the Constitution, ignoring Congress and claiming amnesia on the separation of powers has created a crisis which few on either side seem ready to address.

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