Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What kind of person is it that shamelessly follows someone who regularly, arbitrarily, and illegitimately rules, yes, rules, by fiat, regulation, and diktat?...

Obama's Shameless Supporters

It would be, indeed, meet to ask "Have you no shame?" of the fawners (sometimes secretly) assembled to listen and donate to the inappropriately-jocular Clown-of-the-United-States (COTUS).
Mr. Obama’s appalling joke-telling immediately after comments on deeply-serious events has disconcerted almost everyone on the right and growing numbers in the liberal media and the left. 
Yet the big donors and the committed leftists appear to be shamelessly unconcerned about this disjunction, and they should be called out.

To use on them that famous misquote of the most destructive question ever asked of anyone, anywhere would be particularly apt since that obsequious group makes possible the continuing lawlessness, domestic wrongheadedness, and foreign policy ineptitude of COTUS and his various and numerous coteries.

And that question should be employed whenever and wherever possible to destroy, or at least deter, the donors, the fundraisers, and the agenda of COTUS.

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